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2014 What We Do In The Shadows, 'Morana'
Shadow Pictures, Dirs. Taika Waititi & Jemaine Clement
2014 Slow West, 'Marimacho'
Slow West (NZ) Ltd, Dir. John Maclean
2011 Sione's 2, 'Tania'
South Pacific Pictures, Dir. Simon Bennett

2008Under the Mountain, 'Constable Green'
Red Head Films, Dir. Jonathan King
2005Sione's Wedding, 'Tania'
South Pacific Pictures, Dir. Chris Graham
2002Perfect Strangers, 'Andrea'
Huntaway Films, Dir. Gaylene Preston


2015 Word Up!, 'Guest Panelist'
South Pacific Pictures
2013 Jono & Ben at Ten: Next Actor Skit, 'Herself'
Mediaworks TV, Various directors
2013 Super City II, 'Ray / Ofa / Mary / Levi' (lead)
Super Fumes Ltd, Dir. Oscar Kightley
2012 Top of the Lake (mini-series), 'Zena'
See Saw Films, Dir. Jane Campion
2010 Super City, 'Jo / Azeem / Linda / Pasha/ Georgie' (lead)
Super Fumes Ltd, Dir. Taika Waititi
2010Radiradirah, 'Various' (core cast in sketch show)
Firehorse Films, Various directors

2009Jaquie Brown Diaries: season II, 'Sarita Singh' (core cast)
Young, Gifted & Brown, Dir, Gerard Johnstone
2008Diplomatic Immunity, 'Agent Bickler'
South Pacific Pictures, Various directors
2008Jaquie Brown Diaries: season I, 'Sarita Singh' (core cast)
Young, Gifted & Brown, Dir, Gerard Johnstone
2007Outrageous Fortune: season III, 'Linda'
South Pacific Pictures, Various directors
2006Rude Awakenings, 'Francesca'
South Pacific Pictures, Various directors
2004Talent (pilot), 'Chemist'
Eleven Media
2003Insiders Guide to Happiness & Prosperity, 'Tess'
Gibson Group, Various directors
2000Fish Skin Suit, 'Libby'
Kahukura Productions
2000Ice As: Ice House, 'Various' (core cast in sketch show)
Ice TV, Various directors
98-99Shortland Street, 'Shivanni Naran' (core cast)
South Pacific Pictures, Various directors
1998Pio! series III, 'Various'
Pipi Productions


2014 Flat 3, 'Madeleine'
Flat 3 Productions, Dir. Roseanne Liang


2014 Jesus Christ Superstar, 'King Herod'
Auckland Theatre Company, Dir. Olivr Driver
2012 No. 2, 'Various' (solo show)
PuSh International Arts Festival, Dir. Toa Fraser
2010Dance Troupe Supreme, 'Kellyanna'
Maidment Theatre, Dir. Thomas Sainsbury

2009No. 2, 'Various' (solo show)
Silo Theatre
2008Spelling Bee, 'Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre'
Auckland Theatre Company, Dir. Murray Lynch
2008Whero's New Net, 'Various'
Massive Company, Dir. Sam Scott
2008Rabbit, 'Emily'
Silo Theatre, Dir. Oliver Driver
2007Some Girls, 'Tyler'
Silo Theatre, Dir. Margaret-Mary Hollins
2006Bad Jelly the Witch, 'Bad Jelly'
Silo Theatre, Dir. Ben Crowder
2005Bad Jelly the Witch, 'Bad Jelly'
Silo Theatre, Dir. Ben Crowder
2002The Vagina Monologues, 'Various'
Auckland Theatre Company, Dir. Oliver Driver
2001Bare, 'Various' (lead)
Wellington Fringe Festival, UK & Australian tour
2001No. 2, 'Various' (solo show)
NZ Tour, Dir. Toa Fraser
2000No. 2, 'Various' (solo show)
Edinburgh Festival, Dir. Toa Fraser
1999Legacy, 'Ensemble'
Aotearoa Young People's Theatre
1998Three People in a Cinema, 'Various'
Silo Theatre


2000Outstanding Performance 'No. 2'
Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards
1999Best Actress
Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards
1999Best Newcomer 'Bare'
Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards



Madeleine is an accomplished actor. She got her start playing a multitude of characters in award winning plays No2 and Bare. She has starred in some of New Zealand’s most successful film comedies including, ‘Sione’s Wedding’ and ‘Sione’s Wedding Two’, Taika Waititi’s ‘Eagle vs Shark’ and ‘What We Do in The Shadows’, and most recently in the western ‘Slow West’ starring Michael Fassbender.

She has numerous TV acting credits including ‘Outrageous Fortune’, ‘The Jaquie Brown Diaries’ and Jane Campion’s series, ‘Top of the Lake’.

Madeleine has also created, written and starred in two seasons of her own critically acclaimed TV show ‘Super City’. Super City was picked up by US network ABC in 2012 and made into an American pilot in which Madeleine also starred.

Currently Madeleine is co-writing a feature film with the New Zealand Film Commission, ‘Pasha: A Journey to Me’ a spin off starring a character from her TV series Super City. The film are being produced with her collaborators at Piki films, Taika Waititi and Carthew Neal (Hunt For The Wilderpeople).

Madeleine has been moving into directing over the past few years. Most recently she directed the entire second season of hit sketch comedy show ‘Funny Girls’ (which has been renewed for a third season bringing Madeleine back to direct at the end of 2017), and she has just finished her own feature film THE BREAKER UPPERERS, which she co-directed with Jackie van Beek.


  • Actor
  • After Dinner Speaker
  • Comedian
  • Debater
  • Director
  • DJ
  • Entertainer
  • Host
  • Improvisor
  • Live Performance Host
  • MC
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Musician
  • Panelist
  • Pod-caster
  • Satirist
  • Singer
  • TV Presenter
  • Writer


  • Comedian (Stand-Up)
  • Guitar
  • Voice Artist