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Laura Daniel

2016 Funny Girls, 'Laura'
MediaWorks / TV3, Dir. Madeleine Sami
2016 Jono and Ben, 'Laura'
Mediaworks, Various directors
2015 Funny Girls, 'Laura'
MediaWorks / TV3, Dir. Johnny Barker
14-15 Jono and Ben at Ten, 'Various' (sketch show)
Mediaworks, Various directors
2014 Happy Hour, 'Various'
Pango Productions, Dir. Kiel McNaughton
2013 Super City II, 'Julia'
Super Fumes Ltd, Dir. Oscar Kightley


2016 White Rabbit Red Rabbit 'Laura Daniel'
Centrepoint Theatre
2015 Snap, Crackle, Pop, 'Various'
Basement Theatre / NZ International Comedy Festival
2015 Fitness Club, 'Various'
Montecristo Room / NZ International Comedy Festival
2015 Wash Your Mouth Out, 'Herself'
Q Theatre / NZ International Comedy Festival
2015 Snort with Friends
Melbourne International Comedy Festival / NZ International Comedy Festival
2014 Hauraki Horror, 'Paikea Apirana'
Basement Theatre, Dir. Rachael House
2015 Prehistoria, 'Cavewoman'
Basement Theatre, Dir. Hamish Parkinson
13-16 SNORT, 'Ensemble' (core cast)
Basement Theatre (weekly improv show)
2013 Why Are My Parents So Boring?, 'Child'
Fortune Theatre, Dir. Dan Bain
2013 And the Winner Is / My Friends Dot Com, 'Claire / Emma / Hannah'
Echelon Productions PTY Ltd
2012 An Awkward Family Christmas, 'Kaz'
Herald Theatre, Dir. Ben Henson
2012 Jaques Brel is alive & well & living in Paris, 'Le Diable'
UNITEC, Dir. Ben Henson
2012 The Sex Show, 'Brooke'
Auckland Town Hall, Dir. Joel Herbert
2012 Why Are My Parents So Boring?, 'Child'
Court Theatre, Dir. Dan Bain
2012 Romeo & Juliet, 'Lord Capulet'
UNITEC, Dir. Kacie Stetson
2012 The Dining Room, 'Agent / Susan / Meg'
UNITEC, Dir. Cameron Rhodes
2011 Can't Pay? Won't Pay!, 'Antonia'
UNITEC, Dir. Pedro Ilgenfritz

2011 Twelfth Night, 'Olivia' (lead)
UNITEC, Dir. Elizabeth Hawthorne
2011 Pinter Sketches, 'Mrs. A'
UNITEC, Dir. Paul Gittens
2010 Class Act, 'Various'
UNITEC, Dir. Elizabeth Hawthorne
2010 A Doll's House, 'Mrs. Linde'
UNITEC, Dir. Jeff Szusterman
2008 The Wedding Singer: The Musical, 'Rosie'
PNBHS / The Speirs Centre, Dir. Chris Burton
2007 Brain Power, 'God'
Centrepoint Theatre, Dir. Jamie McCaskill
2007 Nunsense Jamboree, 'Sr. Robert-Anne'
PNGHS / Manawatu Globe Theatre, Dir. Lisa Mohekey-Johnson
2006 Nunsense, 'Sr. Robert-Anne'
PNGHS / Manawatu Globe Theatre, Dir. Lisa Mohekey-Johnson


2011 Acting Studio, 'Allison / Jane'
UNITEC, Dirs. Rachel Mungier & Arthur Gay
2010 A Rose From Me To You, 'Ramona'
UNITEC, Dir. Alan Parr
2008 All men are Bastards, 'Mel'
National Youth Drama School


2015 Best Performance - Comedy for 'Prehistoria'
Auckland Fringe Awards


2015 The Barefoot Bandits, 'Riley'
Mukpuddy Animation Ltd


2015 Flick Electric Co.
NZ, Internet only


10-12 Performing & Screen Arts, majoring in Acting
2009 Screen Acting workshop
with Elizabeth Hawthorne
2007 Basement Theatre company member
Centrepoint Theatre / Basement Theatre Company
07-08 Screen Acting workshop
National Youth Drama School



Laura escaped Palmerston North and a career as a lifeguard at local swimming pools by gaining a degree in acting from Unitec, Auckland. She is now a Comedian mostly known in New Zealand for being a core cast member and writer on the prime time television comedy shows Jono and Ben and sketch show Funny Girls.  She is also a regular guest comedian on the hit panel show 7Days and is a lead voice actor in New Zealand’s animated series The Barefoot Bandits.

Laura is a professional improviser and a core cast member of Snort, a successful weekly improvised show comedy show in Auckland and  was a 2016 Billy T nominee in the NZICF. Laura is known online for her flirty interviews with sports stars (NZ and AUS) and Musical Parodies that have gained millions of views online.

Laura has now teamed up with comedian Joseph Moore to create a fire comedy duo Two Hearts specialising in comedy pop music. They have been working together for the last couple of years creating songs for Jono and Ben and Funny Girls and have more recently, spent last year forming the live act Two Hearts and creating sell out show Two Hearts: Auckland World Tour for the NZICF. The duo has since become a Billy T nominee for the 2018 NZICF.


  • Actor
  • Comedian
  • Entertainer
  • Host
  • Live Performance Host
  • MC
  • Satirist
  • Singer
  • Writer


  • Aerobics
  • Body Surfing
  • Comedian (Stand-Up)
  • Dancer
  • Ballroom Dancer
  • Swing Dancer
  • Director
  • Restricted Licence
  • Guitar
  • Netball
  • Physical Theatre
  • Pool
  • Presenter
  • Singer
  • Alto
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Theatre Sports
  • Underwater Hockey
  • Water Polo
  • Water Skiing
  • Yoga


Basic Ballroom Dancing & Water Skiing skills.