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Brown - Dark


---- Oobered, 'Scarlet'
Dir. Kim Vruggink


---- Los Angeles Live, 'Host'


---- Pizza Man, 'Julie'
Haven Theatre
---- Uncle Wiggly from Connecticut, 'Eloise'
The Lee Theatre
---- Grease, 'Cathy'
Aotea Centre
---- Loose Knit, 'Margie'
Marilyn Theatre
---- Women of Manhattan, 'Rhonda'
Marilyn Theatre
---- Where's my Money, 'Natalie'
Haven Theatre


---- Indecisive Decisions, 'Kristen' (lead)
Dir. Clair Nguyen
---- Nostalgia, 'Josephine' (lead)
Dir. Sara Farag
---- Sink, 'Layla' (lead)
Dir. Lixe Hernandez
---- Josh's Lovers, 'Mia'
Dir. Serge Rodnunsky
---- Camp-Off, 'Brittany'
Dir. Dakota Lupo


---- Audition Technique, Margie Haber Intensive
Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute
---- Improv
with Carlos Colunga & Todd Bjurstrom
---- On-Camera Commercial
with Todd Bjurstrom
---- Scene Study
with Dig Wayne & Ilia Volok
---- Cold Reading
with Phil Brock
---- Voice
with Andrea Odinov-Fuller
---- Movement
with Leah Zhang
---- Combat
with Cody Davis
---- Screen Acting
with Rene Naufahu, David Salsa, Sasha Krane
---- Script Analysis
with Sasha Krane />


As the co-founder of Voices of Hope and of Love Your Kite, Genevieve is a passionate Mental health advocate and is on a mission to make a difference in this world.

Genevieve's experience as a speaker is vast - having spoken at primary, intermediates, high schools and universities in both NZ and Australia + to businesses, events and conferences often in regards to mental health. Genevieve is a Rotary Youth Leadership Awardee and has spoken at a couple of their gala dinners too. Genevieve has hosted event panels and really enjoys being able to share her story with others.

In 2018, Genevieve had the opportunity to speak on a panel at a well-being retreat/conference in Los Angeles.

Check out the Voices of Hope Instagram here.

Check out the Voices of Hope Facebook here.

Check out Love your Kite here.


I have known Genevieve since 2018 when she first came to The Rotary Young Persons Leadership Awards (RYLA). During that week of intense activity, myself and others saw the substantial development in the confidence she gained. Genevieve spoke at the 2019 RYLA Gala dinner with an audience of 200 plus, a challenge which Genevieve carried out with considerable success. She continues to be involved in numerous public speaking engagements with Rotary and RYLA all of which she carries out with continuing and growing success. Genevieve has considerable personal experience which underlines her genuineness and she speaks from the heart with a level of authenticity which creates an excellent connection with her audience. I am also very confident that with continuing experience in public speaking Genevieve will become an outstanding inspirational speaker in her own right.
- Peter Ross, Chairman of Rotary District 9920
Genevieve's professionalism discussing the topics of OCD and anorexia nervosa made it more approachable somehow.
- Sophie
Thank you for coming to talk at my school today. It made me feel like I wasn't alone.
- Milly


  • Actor
  • After Dinner Speaker
  • Key Note Speaker
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Panelist
  • TV Presenter


  • Basketball
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  • Jazz Dancing
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