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Cori Gonzalez-Macuer

2014 What We Do In The Shadows, 'Nick'
Dirs. Taika Waititi & Jemaine Clement
2007 Eagle VS Shark, 'Mark'
Sad Animals Ltd, Dir. Taika Waititi


09-15 7 Days, 'Comic Panelist'
2012 Hounds, 'Angry Cafe Worker'
The Downlowconcept, Various directors
10-12 A Night at the Classic, 'The Barfly' (recurring)
Two Heads Ltd
2011 Funny Roots, 'Himself' (comedian)
Two Heads Ltd
2011 Neighbourhood, 'Himself'
2011 Best of the Billys, 'Himself' (comedian)
2010 TV2 Christmas Comedy Gala, 'Himself' (comedian)
2009 AotearoHA!, 'Himself' (comedian)
07-09 Jono's New Show, 'Reporter / Writer'
2005 The Lost Children, 'Marco'
Bighouse, Various directors
2004 Holly's Heroes, 'Anatoly'
Gibson Group, Various directors
2004 Insider's Guide to Happiness, 'Young Orderly'
Gibson Group, Various directors


2010 Only Son, 'Bartender'
48 Hour Film Festival / Down Low Concept
2008 Water as a Metaphor, 'Sam'
Down Low Concept
2005 I Love David Hasslehoff, 'Himself'
Dirs. Noor Razzak & Cori Gonzalez-Macuer


2008 Best Entertainment Show for 'Jono's New Show'
Qantas NZ Film & TV Awards
2006 Billy T James Award
NZ Comedy Guild Awards


2016 Southern Cross
2016 BNZ
NZ, internet only


2016 Southern Cross Sales & Marketing Awards, 'MC'
Crowne Plaza />


Comedian, Billy T Award winner, 7Days regular and star of What We Do In The Shadows, Cori Gonzalez-Macuer has been performing for over 10 years. His stand-up has seen him travel all over the world, doing shows in the U.S, U.K, Asia, Australia and as far as South America and the Middle East.

His television and film credits also include Eagle VS Shark, Insider's Guide To Happiness, Chopper's Republic of Anzakastan, After Hours, Jono's New Show and Jono And Ben, to name a few.

Recently seen on the Old Mout Comedy Gala and a regular on 7Days, Cori is one of NZ's finest young comedy talents. The last year has seen him attend the prestigious Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals as part of the What We Do In The Shadows team as well as attending the film's U.S. premiere in New York, whereafter, he performed massive shows across New York and L.A., alongside some of the biggest names in the industry like Hannibal Burress, Nick Kroll, Jeffrey Ross and Kristen Schaal.

The last year saw his NZ International Comedy Festival show, "Awesome? Nah, bro.." sell out in both Auckland and Wellington. A subsequent national tour also played to sold out audiences in 21 cities and towns.

Most recently Cori made the news as the writer of the spoof BBC interview that became a viral senstation overnight, you can view the clip on YouTube here.


Cori delivered a genuine and honest talk on his Mental Health journey that was raw and blended in perfectly with his candid humour. It was a special and unique way to bring awareness to mental health and the importance of having the conversation for our staff with some laughs along the way.
Jessica McKenna, Safety and Wellbeing Specialist, AA Insurance
Delivering on his objective to expel yet another memorable show, keep an eye out for future works by the man with exponential potential, Cori Gonzalez-Macuer
Concrete Playground
Quite possibly the only show I'd return to for seconds
Mac + Mae
While his cynicism might make you think he is making lemons out of lemonade he does it in such a cool manner, standing alone with his mike, his great eyebrows adding emphasis, that you know he's speaking truths we all feel. Awesome? Nah, Bro is comedy fest at its best. Get in before the tickets dry up.


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