Sir Edmund Hillary ‘more than just a person who climbs a hill’ in new drama

Edmund Hillary gained worldwide fame as the first man to conquer Mt Everest, the highest mountain on Earth. But there was far more to the rugged Kiwi, says Andrew Munro, the actor who portrays him in the six-part TV One drama Hillary, which aims to introduce the man behind the legend that is Sir Edmund Hillary.

"I mean you look at the $5 note and you think Everest but there was so much more," says Munro. "I think viewers will see more than just a person who climbs a hill."

Hillary, made with the help of $6,418,835 funding from New Zealand On Air, is the story of Sir Edmund Hillary and the people who were most important to him, particularly his first wife Louise (Amy Usherwood) and his best mate and fellow mountaineer George Lowe (Dean O'Gorman).

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