ATC 2016 Season Announced


11 February - 5 March - POLO. Cast includes Lisa Chappell, Harry McNaughton, Adam Gardiner, Taylor Barrett, James Maeva, Katrina Wesseling, Kalyani Nagaran. Direction by Colin McColl.

31 March - 16 April - YOU CAN ALWAYS HAND THEM BACK. Cast includes Delia Hannah, Jason Te Mete. Direction by Janice Finn.

21 - 26 April - THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER. Direction by Margaret-Mary Hollins.

5 - 18 May - TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Cast includes Simon Prast, Ian Mune, Goretti Chadwick, Fasitua Amosa, Kevin Keys, James Maeva. Direction by Colin McColl.

9 June - 2 July - THAT BLOODY WOMAN. Cast includes Esther Stephens, Geoffrey Dolan, Phoebe Hurst, Cameron Douglas, Amy Straker, Kyle Chuen, Andy Manning. Direction by Kip Chapman.

21 July - 14 August - THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME. Cast includes Timothy Earl, Rima Te Wiata, Wesley Dowdell, Hera Dunleavy, Laurel Devenie, Damien Avery, Victoria Abbott, Peter Hayden. Direction by Sara Brodie.

1 - 2 September - VENUS IN FURS. Cast includes Morgana O'Reilly, Matt Whelan. Direction by Shane Bosher.

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