Pop Up Globe returns for a third season

November 28 2017

We're very excited that POP UP GLOBE (the worlds first temporary replica of Shakespeares 1614 theatre) is 
returning for it's third seaon in 2018.

The company is staging five shows this time round, with an all star cast in each. 

We have appearing in the Buckinghams Company cast, performing MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM

Patrick Carroll 
Peter Daube
Mike Edward
Jason Te Kare

We have in the Southhamptons Company, performing MACBETH and COMEDY OF ERRORS:

Jess Holly Bates

And in the Pembrokes Company, performing JULIUS CAESAR:

Alison Bruce
Anthea Hill
Sheena Irving
Andrew Laing
Donogh Rees

This project was originally planned as a one off event to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakepeares death in 2016. Now with two local and one international season under it's belt we hope the has become Pop Up Globe a permanent fixture on Aucklands theatrical landscape. 

Red Speedo

November 07 2017

RED SPEEDO, is a new play by award winning playwright Lucas Hnath. 

Starring our Ryan Carter, Chelsie Preston Crayford and Wesley Dowell this 'edge of your seat' drama is about lives and dreams and family being destroyed by naked ambition, drugs and the lure of super stardom. 

Audiences have found themselves discussing the show long after it ends. 

Ryan Carter's characterization of Ray the Olympian swimmer is a carefully balanced series of exceptions to the audience's expectation, and possibly Ray's own... Here Ray begins the show as the archetypal golem-like man-made man, sitting mute between his coach and his rep... Chelsie Preston-Crayford, Wesley Dowdell and Scott Wills all inhabit their respective characters impressively. Preston-Crayford effortlessly plays the emotive flux... Dowdell plays his character out with a propulsion that drives the interactive elements of the story... read more at

On at the ASB Waterfront Theatre 2 - 15 November.

The Vultures at Q Theatre

October 18 2017

THE VULTURES is a new play by Mīria George, which premiered at the Kia Mau Festival.

Sister Nurse Hinemoa and her siblings - Magazine Magnate Atawhai and Prodigious Businessman Petera - were raised in the glow of privilege; enjoying a whakapapa of sailing on the lake, gin with Indian tonic water, Coppertone on tanned Māori skin and a seemingly endless summer.

Long after their childhood at the lake, the race for wealth and empire have splintered the whanau and now too their children. 

Finally, the siblings have been called together: the Sister Nurse, the Magazine Magnate, and the Prodigious Businessman. They must agree to expand the empire – even if it means destroying the world in the process.

Money can’t buy you happiness.

No, wait - maybe it can.

Presented by Tawata Productions, starring our Nicola Kawana and on at Q Theatre for a short run only, 18 - 21 October. BOOK NOW!

TE PO season a Q Theatre

October 11 2017

Don't miss this piece of "masterpiece... flawless" (thanks Metro) theatre, on at Q Theatre 25 October - 4 November.

Where is the playwright Bruce Mason? Why has he suddenly gone missing? What made him leave his desk in such a hurry and disappear into the night?

Finding Bruce Mason soon becomes a matter of life, death and catching a big fish. Their investigation into his disappearance seems to reveal more about themselves than him, and when Bruce is finally found on Te Parenga Beach a terrible truth about their own lives is revealed.

TE PO asks the audience to share in the search for the truth. It is a play about grief and the search for identity after the loss of someone's contstant presence in your life.

Created by and starring the ever so talented Carl Bland, performing alongside the enigmatic Andy Grainger.

NELL GWYNN by Auckland Theatre Company

July 27 2017

NELL GWYNN by Auckland Theatre Company opens 15 August.

LONDON, 1660. The drab, grey Puritans have gone and theatre is all the rage once more. There's a new fad for putting a woman, an 'actor-ess', on the stage and when The King's Company at Drury Lane casts the pretty, witty orange seller Nell Gwynn as its first leading lady, its royal patron, Charles II, is immediately smitten. Having captured the heart of her King, the unlikely heroine takes her country by storm and becomes a 17th century media sensation.

This bawdy and brilliant new work written by Jessica Swale is a love letter to theatre itself.

Two of the stars of the show including our Tim Balme were recently interviewed on The Cafe, you can watch HERE.

NELL GWYNN, Auckland Theatre Company, 15 - 30 August at the ASB Waterfornt Theatre. With Auckland Actors Tim Balme, Alison Bruce and Andrew Grainger.

Dynamotion discos down

July 25 2017

Starring our Lara Liew, Thomas Sainsbury and Kate Simmonds, tickets are selling fast to D.I.S.C.O. Best book now or risk missing your chance!

The NZ Herald's Dionne Christian reviews D.I.S.C.O:

"Dynamotion, Auckland's one and only comic dance troupe, has been putting the fun into funk since its first show, Terror Island, in 2012. Discovering there was an audience for its brand of wonderfully silly dance shows, the troupe's now up to show number six and getting groovier with each passing year... ...Written and choreographed by troupe founders Lara Liew and Thomas Sainsbury, D.i.s.c.o is a gloriously outlandish take on a genre known for its steps rather than stories...'s all about the moves - and the dancing, performed by a charismatic and fearless cast, is fantastic..."

Read the full review HERE.

D.I.S.C.O runs until 29 July at the Basement Theatre.

The Pickle King in Auckland

July 25 2017

Indian Ink Theatre Company brings back it's most awarded play THE PICKLE KING,
for a 20th anniversary performance season that has travelled the country before playing to Auckland audiences. Our Vanessa Kumar takes on dual roles of Aunty and Jess. 

"Sasha, the blind receptionist of the crumbling Empire Hotel, knows she is cursed – everything she loves dies. But when true love finds her, she can’t help falling. One night, Death checks into the hotel

For our twentieth anniversary we’ve made a significant change in this vintage Indian Ink script to centre the love story around a same sex couple. Whilst this contemporary update would have been a real statement 15 years ago – today it just reflects the diverse culture of New Zealand.

This timeless tale highlights the injustices of immigration and globalisation, and having the courage to love, no matter your gender".

"Vanessa Kumar, most recently seen in The Elephant Thief, works a double shift in masks, as Aunty and Jeena: two extremely different roles and each one brilliantly well executed for both pathos and comedy" - Theatreview

THE PICKLE KING, at Q Theatre from 2 - 19 August. 

The Effect, at Q Theatre

July 25 2017

Production Company FRACTIOUS TASH  grow up to bring us the exclusive New Zealand premiere of THE EFECT.

Be prepared to see an off-kilter version of an astounding play from "one of the UK's hottest new playwrights" (The Telegraph). 

Connie sees Tristan. Tristan sees Connie. Hearts pound. Pulses soar. Thoughts race. Pupils dilate. Palms sweat. Balance reels. Lips burn. Is this the side-effect of only one thing...

...Their dangerous, electrifying, first-sight love...

...Or the explosive, experimental drug surging its way through them?

With our Lara Liew on movement, and starring Sheena Irving as Doctor Lorna James this is sure to be an interesting ride. 

THE EFFECT, at Q Theatre from 1 - 12 August. Book HERE

Looking at Stuff in Clouds - with Donna and Shoshana

July 25 2017

Donna Brookbanks and Shoshana McCallum are back on stage telling 
stories together and we are excited.

‘Looking At Stuff In Clouds’ is a provoking comedy looking at lives, relationships and fears in small town New Zealand. Delving into, then blowing apart stereotypes, the characters examine their own personal taniwhas. Donna Brookbanks and Shoshana McCallum explore the tragedy and the hilarity of the mundane reality of the human (sometimes inhuman) experience'

There is both comedy and tragedy in the everyday and mundane, and it is these stories Donna and Shoshana tell with trademark deftness, through a series of easily digestable vingettes.

LOOKING AT STUFF IN CLOUDS, Basement Theatre, 26 July to 5 August. Book HERE

Carl Bland in Cock

July 24 2017

Catch the wonderful sensitivity of Carl Bland in COCK.

John wants out, so he’s taking a break from his high maintenance boyfriend. Liberated from Mr Co-Dependent, the last thing he’s expecting is to suddenly meet the woman of his dreams. Now John’s stuck in a total boy-meets-girl meets-boyfriend dilemma.

Caught in a maelstrom of possibility, guilt and indecision, John reckons there’s only one way to straighten this all out.

"It takes skill to bring a new actor into the mix part way through, especially into a conversation so private, but Carl Bland brings just the right energy when he arrives as F, the father" - Theatreview

“The jesting and jousting is hard and fast, leading to a shattering climax.” - Sydney Arts Guide

“When it’s funny it’s hilarious, and when it moves you, it’s a theatrical gut-punch.” - Herald Sun

“This delightful and incisive comedy is propelled by an excellent script full of great one-liners.” - Megaphone Oz

COCK, at the Herald Theatre from 20 July - 12 August. Purchase tickets HERE.
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