2010 WIFT Awards

August 09 2010

WIFTSouth Pacific Pictures Award for Achievement in Film - Ainsley Gardiner

Great Southern Film and Television Woman to Watch Award - Julia Parnell

Television New Zealand Entrepreneurship Award - Tania Rodger

Images and Sound Award for Success in Television - Rachel Lang

Screentime Unsung Heroine of the NZ Screen Industry Award - Adria Buckton

Te Puni Kōkiri Te Reo Māori Champion Award
Te Kaihapai o Te Reo Māori - Tini Molyneux

Outstanding Contribution to the NZ Screen Industry - Gaylene Preston

Special Award - Te Whaea Whakaata Taonga - Keri Kaa

Congratulations to all the 2010 WIFT NZ Award recipients.

Antony Starr on Flicks

July 15 2010


from Flicks, New Zealand film website.

"We asked Antony Starr - Jethro and Van in Outrageous Fortune - to recommend five of his favourite films...

'Watching films and going to the movies is, I believe, one of the best expenditures of time. It is fantastic. I’ve seen a lot of films in my time so it’s difficult to pick five and label them favourites. Flavours of film and film-making have changed dramatically over the years, making the selection even harder to call.

There are very few films I see that don't have something in them I like, at some level. More often than not, the films I don't like are re-makes (usually of classics) to which I usually find myself saying, 'Why bother? Why not let people enjoy the original?'

For the most part, however, any film I see will have something in it I like - a particular performance, theme, idea, etc.

Sometimes there are films that come along and tick all the boxes for me. The list of these films in totality would be very long indeed but I've managed to whittle it down to five. Not easy. I could not put them in order of preference as they are all so different and as such I find them non-comparable in that way.

Hopefully you'll find some time to watch some or all of them, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.' "

Read about Antony's film picks & the full article here.


Looksy Offer Cash Prize for Film

April 30 2010

Looksy has just been relaunched and there's now $10,000 in prize money on offer for a film of 3 - 4 minutes that answers the question, "what does my digital world look like?" Telecom, Vodafone and Giapo have all put money into the project.

The film consists of lots of individual 'looksies', which will then create a larger film to be shown in October. The objective is to get 64 entries by 31 July 2010. If there are less than 50 entries the prize money drops to $1000. Entries are open to anyone wanting to 'give it a go'.

The film aims to be the anchor of an on-going collaborative project. This is how it will be run:

1. Create a community so that creative NZ talent can get confidence with a NZ-specifc group

2. Corporates will then be invited to ask this group market research questions which will be answered in the form of film in return for prize money or on-going sponsorship

3. Looksy is a social enterprise, the money raised from selling the film/on-going money will be split 1/3 to the community, 1/3 to Looksy volunteers and 1/3 to reforestation of Kauri trees


For more information visit the Looksy website.


Sunday Star Times Kiwi Sex Bombs 2010

March 11 2010


Auckland Actors is proud to have two of our actors featured in the following article from Sunday Magazine of the Sunday Star Times.

"You sexy things. It's that time of the year again. As ever Sunday has searched tirelessly to find the hottest, most smoldering New Zealanders. As nights grow colder and days grow shorter, our picks are guaranteed to put a flush back into your cheeks.

ANGELA TIATIA - With awesome hair and a smile that suggests she's genuinely fun, Angela Tiatia is a hugely appealing presence on Tagata Pasifika. She somehow manages to be both relaxed and glamorous, and that's before you pan down to factor in those knock-out legs.

BRIGITTE BERGER - A set of heartbreaking cheekbones atop a pair of legs, back in 1999, Brigitte Berger shared an elevator with some execs wearing only a body painted waistcoat and a tie in an ad for Clear. The model's profile is a little less public these days, although she still makes elegant appearances at fashion shows and launch parties. Her secret, apparently, is flaxseed oil." - Rose Hoare, Sunday



American Accent Coaching

March 11 2010

Practically Speaking With so many American productions shooting in New Zealand it is essential your American accent is indistinguishable from the real thing. Your accent could be the difference between having a successful and diverse career both in New Zealand and internationally.

American actor John Dybvig is available for either ongoing American accent lessons, and/or to work on a specific script with you before an audition. John is an experienced actor and teacher, who has been teaching the American accent in New Zealand for many years, having worked with Pacific Renaissance Pictures on both Xena and Hercules, on countless Disney productions and more. John has a unique perspective on the idiosyncracies and dificulties that New Zealanders face when learning the American accent being an American who has lived and taught here for many years.

We highly recommend you take lessons with John, whether it is the first time you have attempted the accent, or you are a seasoned professional who has not auditioned for an American production for a while. Rates are exceptionally affordable, at only $30 per hour, and lessons will be structured according to your specific needs.

You can contact John on 021 179 8925, and see HERE for a sample lesson.

Please call us if you have any queries regarding this, or if you need help learning any other accent, we have resources available to assist you.

The following article - taken from ENCORE MAGAZINE also outlines the importance of have an impeccable American Accent:

Aussie actors must speak ‘American’

"Voice coach Troy Mackinder says Australian actors must be prepared to speak with a ‘standard’ American accent if they want to find work in international productions shooting in the country.

“You don’t want productions hiring people in LA and bringing them out to Australia, you want to get the work when it’s here,” said Mackinder, who launched his book Practically Speaking last month.

Mackinder, an American-born actor based in Queensland, has coached Australian and New Zealand talent to speak with an American accent. He has supported Australian talent on the set of Daybreakers, Accidents Happen and Triangle, and is currently working on the James Cameron/Andrew Wight production Sanctum.

“There’s been a low in terms of work volume, with the rise of the Australian dollar, but I think [international productions] are coming back,” said Mackinder

According to Mackinder, the idea for the book was to create a reference for the classes he was teaching, because there was no such material in the market. He started developing the book while working on the set of Daybreakers, hoping to reach a broader audience.

Mackinder says even American actors learn the ‘standard’ American accent, which helps them neutralise their voice so that the audience is not distracted from the story trying to identify where they’re from.

“To create the American sound, Australians and New Zealanders need to focus on elements that are different from the old academic guard; a more practical approach with less thinking about the accent and more thinking about the acting.

“This technique focuses on the emphasis on words within a sentence, and stress on syllables within the words. Actors [such as Claudia Karvan, who wrote the foreword of the book] say that it frees them up to concentrate on the acting,” said Mackinder

Mackinder has long-distance students in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, whom he teaches via Skype. His services have been promoted by word-of-mouth, but he expects that the release of the book will help him develop a stronger relationship with casting agencies and the possibility of master classes around the country.

One thing he will make clear to his current and prospective students is that developing this skill doesn’t mean they will be ready to conquer Hollywood.

“Many students come to me with those aspirations. Everybody wants to move to Los Angeles and ‘make it’, but they should learn the accent and get the work here first, then go over to the US.”

Mackinder defines the work of Karvan and the Australian cast of Daybreakers as “wonderful”, but believes his best on-set students have been the young cast from Andrew Lancaster’s upcoming Accidents Happen.

“Those guys had this huge film that they were a major part of, and they just skyrocketed from the minute we started,” he recalled.

Practically Speaking is available at Mackinder’s website".


John Dybvig invites Letterman to NZ

February 12 2010

John_Dybvig_webAfter hearing numerous references to New Zealand on the Letterman show - American sports commentator, actor, accent coach and author, John Dybvig explains his new home country to Letterman, and invites him to spend time in New Zealand with a series of short video clips.

Watch part one, part two and part three on

And read an article on John's effors on


Voice Coaching

February 12 2010

Cameron Rhodes is a professional and experienced voice coach, available for private or group sessions, one-off or on-going coaching.

Cameron has worked with many of our actors, as well as training many of the countrys top TV Presenters, Lawyers, University Professors and Directors.

He can assist you with vocal technique for stage and screen, accent and dialect work and much more - your session will be structured according to your personal requirements.

See for more details or contact Cameron on 021 474 256.



February 12 2010

Showreels are being requested more and more often these days, and for this reason we are now able to upload your showreel to your page on the Auckland Actors website.

Your showreel should provide a casting director, or director, or producer who doesn't know your work a reason to bring you into the audition room.

Please contact us for advice as to what should be included on your Showreel, details of recommended Showreel editors, and assistance with obtaining copies of your work.
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