Rachel Nicholls follows silver screen

Blind_MiceTaken from Stuff, by Sarah Dunn.

A Nelson actress is following her favourite film project to Israel and Hong Kong next month.

Raised in St Arnaud, Auckland-based Rachel Nicholls has previously appeared in television series like Go Girls, A Night at the Classic and several other idependent films.

She said director Walter lawry's film Blind Mice was the most enjoyable of these because she was able to have some control over the script and her character. Nicholls even went out and dyed her hair pink shortly before shooting started, saying she thought it was something her character Jules would do.

The 20-minute film follows Jules as she oscillates between dating two drug dealers, while also coping with an unexpected pregnancy. Created as part of Lawry's study at the University of Auckland at the end of last year, it is set on Auckland's North Shore.

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Blind Mice
has been accepted into two festivals, PUFF in Hong Kong and the Tel Aviv International Student FF in Israel.

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