NZ year in film 2015

Taken from NZ Herald, by Liam Maguren.

Last year was a landmark in New Zealand cinema history.

Kiwi filmmakers were smashing it in almost every genre with horror comedy Housebound, crime thriller The Last Saint, moody drama Everything We Loved, te reo action film The Dead Lands, indie romance Sunday, self-funded sci-fi Jake, funny found-footage fantasy What We Do in the Shadows, and NZ Film of the Year The Dark Horse.

With all those narrative releases, 2014 was an undeniably golden year for our country's film industry.

And then there's 2015.

Wow, what the hell happened? With barely any homegrown narrative features released in cinemas or straight-to-video, NZ cinema has gone from a triumphant sprint to an embarrassing hobble.

I guess we pulled a hammy or something.

Sure, we've seen some local releases: recent dance flick Born to Dance, heavy metal splatter comedy Deathgasm, zombie meta-comedy I Survived a Zombie Holocaust, parody sequel Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws; we played small parts in making Slow West and Turbo Kid happen as well.

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