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Total Reach: 119.6K (inc 96K on TikTok)

---- Oobered, 'Scarlet'
Dir. Kim Vruggink


---- Los Angeles Live, 'Host'


---- Pizza Man, 'Julie'
Haven Theatre
---- Uncle Wiggly from Connecticut, 'Eloise'
The Lee Theatre
---- Grease, 'Cathy'
Aotea Centre
---- Loose Knit, 'Margie'
Marilyn Theatre
---- Women of Manhattan, 'Rhonda'
Marilyn Theatre
---- Where's my Money, 'Natalie'
Haven Theatre


---- Indecisive Decisions, 'Kristen' (lead)
Dir. Clair Nguyen
---- Nostalgia, 'Josephine' (lead)
Dir. Sara Farag
---- Sink, 'Layla' (lead)
Dir. Lixe Hernandez
---- Josh's Lovers, 'Mia'
Dir. Serge Rodnunsky
---- Camp-Off, 'Brittany'
Dir. Dakota Lupo


---- Audition Technique, Margie Haber Intensive
Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute
---- Improv
with Carlos Colunga & Todd Bjurstrom
---- On-Camera Commercial
with Todd Bjurstrom
---- Scene Study
with Dig Wayne & Ilia Volok
---- Cold Reading
with Phil Brock
---- Voice
with Andrea Odinov-Fuller
---- Movement
with Leah Zhang
---- Combat
with Cody Davis
---- Screen Acting
with Rene Naufahu, David Salsa, Sasha Krane
---- Script Analysis
with Sasha Krane />


Genevieve is passionate about mental health and wellbeing and uses her social media platforms to share her own lived experience. She values authenticity, vulnerability and community.

She spent most of her teenage years battling Mental Illness, more specifically an Eating Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. As part of her recovery she has made it her mission to offer hope to those fighting similar battles that she has fought. Genevieve co-founded Voices of Hope and through this uses her lived experience to show people that recovery is possible and that there is no shame in having a mental illness.

Alongside her co-founder, Jazz Thornton, Genevieve released a wellbeing journal titled 'My Journey Starts Here' which has sold over 10,000 copies worldwide.

Genevieve is also the co-creator of Love your Kite, a global eating disorder resource app and speaks about her journey regularly on her YouTube channel and TikTok page.

Gen was also named as a Westfield Local Hero for her work and was finalist for the Impact Awards in 2021.

Genevieve is currently learning New Zealand Sign Language and loves spending time with her friends and family. The beach is one of her favourite places to relax.

You can see her TikTok here

Check out the Voices of Hope Instagram here.

Check out the Voices of Hope Facebook here. 

Check out Love your Kite here.


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