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2015 The Pretend One, 'Guy' (lead)
Teepot Films, Dir. Tony Prescott
2015 Psychoanalysis, 'Paul Symmonds' (lead)
Emprorium Pictures, Dir. James Raue

2007Jinx Sister, 'Faceless Lover'
Ample Films, Dir. Athina Tsoulis
2007Reckless Behaviour, 'Cliff'
Lifetime Network USA, Dir. Donald Wrye


2016 Peter Brock Story, 'Tony Roberts'
Shine / Network Ten, Dir. Geoff Bennett
2016 Home and Away, 'Duncan Stewart'
Seven Network, Various directors
2015 Ready For This, 'Officer Water'
Big Chance Films, Dir. Tony Krawtiz
2013 Breaker Morant: the Retrial (telefeature), 'Breaker Morant' (lead)
Breaker FIlms, Dirs. Gregory Miller & Nick Bleszynski
2012 Pirates of the Airwaves (tele-feature), 'Rick Grant' (lead)
Lippy Pictures Ltd, Dir. Charlie Haskell
2012 Underbelly Badness, 'Ben Dokic' (episode guest lead)
Screentime, dir. Ian Thompson
2011 Shortland Street, 'Owen Sutherland' (recurring)
South Pacific Pictures, Various directors
2009John Safran's Race Relations, 'Jeremy'
ABC, Dir. Lynn Marie
2008A Thousand Apologies, 'Various' (sketch show)
Great Southern TV / Nomadz Productions, Dir. Roseanne Liang
2007Outrageous Fortune: series III, 'Ben'
South Pacific Pictures, Dir. Michael Bennett
2006Amazing Extraordinary Friends, 'Damon'
Greenstone Pictures, Various directors
2002Secret New Zealand, 'Peter'
TV2, Various directors
1998Shortland Street, 'Guest'
South Pacific Pictures, Various directors


2010 TOYS, 'Snake Eyes'
Basement Theatre, Dirs. Cameron Rhodes & Toby Leach
2010The Awkward Monologues: Menologue, 'Finbarr'
Te Karanga Gallery, Dir. Thomas Sainsbury

2008The Reindeer Monologues, 'Hollywood'
Basement Theatre, Dir. Cameron Rhodes
2008Tape, 'John'
Basement Theatre, Dir. Craig Hall
2008The Mall, 'Various'
Basement Theatre / BATS, Dir. Thomas Sainsbury
2008Beast, 'Various'
Basement Theatre, Dir. Thomas Sainsbury
2008Loser, 'Clint'
Herald Theatre, Dir. Thomas Sainsbury
2007Loser, 'Clint'
Limelight Theatre, Dir. Thomas Sainsbury
2007Ladies Night, 'Norm'
Red TV Studios, Dir. Tim Tsiklauri
2006My Name is Gary Cooper, 'Joel'
ATC Literary Unit, Dir. Roy Ward
2004The Producers, 'Franz'
Neighborhood Playhouse NYC, Dir. Ron Shelter
2004Of Mice & Men, 'Lenny'
Neighborhood Playhouse NYC, Dir. Richard Pinter
2003Landscape of the Body, 'Marvin'
Neighborhood Playhouse NYC, Dir. Richard Pinter
2003Hurly Burly, 'Phil'
Neighborhood Playhouse NYC, Dir. Richard Pinter
2003Hair, 'Chorus'
Neighborhood Playhouse NYC, Dir. Ron Shelter


2011 Ten Thousand Days, 'Darby'
Dir. Michael Duignan

2007Knicker, 'Joel'
Dir. Emma Hinton
200710,000 Days, 'Darby'
Dir. Michael Duigan
2007The Rapists, 'Hans'
Dir. Lance McMinn
2006Dope Fish, 'Joel'
Dir. Nick Mitchell
2004The Peter Jackson Project, 'Hot Sam'
Dir. Zoe Tinsel
2003Gnarly's Organ, 'Chad'
Dir. Mick Andrews
2001The Demise of Billy Blanks, 'Lead'
1999Blind Date, 'James'


2011 Pledge
2010 Pledge
2010 Special K
2010 VB (Beer)
2010 BP 'Wild Bean'
2008NZTA '4 Mates'
2008Plan B
USA & Canada

2008Riva Coffee
2008Fisherman's Friend
2008Burger King
NZ, 2 weeks
2007Rebel Sport Super 14
2006Visa Debit Card


2006Meisner Technique Master Class
with Michael Saccente
03-05Neighborhood Playhouse Graduate
Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre, NYC
2003Acting for Screen
with Action Workshops
2002Journalism Major
Bachelor of Communications Studies
2002Tutored by Ilona Rodgers & Simon Prast
ACT Classes
2002Limited Speech training for Radio
BCS Qualification
1998Year One Theatre Studies
International Baccalaureate Theatre Studies
1994Acting for Television & Film
Auckland Performing Arts School
1993Nathaniel Lees Creative Drama
Auckland Performing Arts School



Auckland based actor. Benedict was recently on screen in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland in 'Home & Away" as the wayward prodigal son of Alf Stewart - Duncan Stewart. Benedict is also one of leads in up coming feature film 'The Pretend One' and headlined festival favourite ' Psychoanalysis'. Benedict has featured prominently on both NZ and Australian television with roles in Shortland Street, Underbelly "Badness", Brock, Ready for This, Outrageous Fortune and many more.


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Other sports include long distance running. Can drive manual and automatic.