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Brown - Light
6'0'' / 183 cm
Based in Wellington


2006Avatar 'Tractor Operator'
880 Productions, Dir. James Cameron
2004King Kong, 'Venture Crewman'
Universal Pictures, Dir. Peter Jackson
2003Lord of the Rings, 'Harad Leader No. 1 / Dethenor's Courtier'
Wingnut Films, Dir. Peter Jackson
1995The Frighteners, 'Deputy Sheriff 1'
Wignut Films, Dir. Peter Jackson
1993Bread & Roses, 'Senior Sergeant'
Preston Laing, Dir. Gaylene Preston
1993The Last Tattoo, 'Sgt. Major'
Plum Productions, Dir. John Reid Capella
1990Return to the Blue Lagoon, 'Gullion'
Columbia Pictures, Dir. Billy Graham
1990Skytrakkers, 'Keller'
Disney Productions, Dir. John Power
1989Flynn, 'John Simon'
Boulevard Films, Dir. Brian Kavanagh
1986Cataway 'Rod'
Cannon Productions, Dir. Nicholas Roeg


2014 Hope and Wire, 'Smasher'
Gaylene Preston Productions, Dir. Gaylene Preston
2011 Rage (tele-feature), 'District Commander Moore'
Tom Scott Productions, Dir. Danny Mulheron
2009 Legend of the Seeker: season II, 'The Butcher'
The Walt Disney Company (NZ) Limited, Various directors

2008Paradise Cafe, 'Joe Quartz'
The Gibson Group. Dir. Danny Mulheron
2005The Lost Children, 'Senior Sergeant'
Big House Productions, Dir. Mike Smith
2005The Killian's Curse, 'Doppleganger'
TVNZ, Dir. Thomas Robins
2003Freaky: The Hitchhiker, 'Hitchhiker'
TVNZ, Dir. Jason Stutter
2002Revelations, 'Hugo Brant'
Cloud 9, Dir. Janet Stubbings
2001The Strip, 'Fireman'
The Gibson Group, Dir. John Reid
99-01Dark Knight: Ivanhoe, 'Falco'
Palana Productions, Various directors
1998Tiger Country, 'Sumpter'
Dir. John Laing
1998Xena: Warrior Princess, 'Macon'
Pacific Renaissance Pictures, Dir. John Laing
1998Shortland Street, 'Brendon Cardiff'
South Pacific Pictures, Dir, Wayne Tourell
1997McPhail & Gadsby, 'Guest'
South Pacific Pictures, Dir. John Lye
1997Tell, 'Drendol'
Cloud 9. Dir. Graham Wetherell
1997Swiss Family Robinson, 'Blake'
Cloud 9, Dir. John Laing
1996Xena; Warrior Princess, 'Goliath'
Pacific Renaissance Pictures, Dir. Gary Jones
1995Enid Blyton's Circus of Adventure, 'Jones'
Cloud 9. Dir. Terry Marcel
1995Mirror Mirror, 'Henchman'
The Gibson Group, Dir. John Laing
1995Cover Story, 'Gary'
The Gibson Group, Dir. John Laing
1994Hercules the Legendary Journeys, 'Gudrun'
Pacific Renaissance, Dir. Peter Ellis
1994Hercules the Legendary Journeys, 'Melus'
Pacific Renaissance, Dir. Harley Cokeliss
1990Police Rescue, 'Constable Wilson'
ABC Network, Dir. Peter Fisk
1989Cassidy, 'TV Reporter'
ABC Network, Dir. Wayne Tourell
1983Heart of the High Country, 'Talbot'
Phillips Whitehouse, Dir. Sam Pilsbury


2010 Wrecks, 'Edward Carr' (lead)
Backyard Theatre, Dir. Pinky Agnew

2008Location Location, 'Andrew Middleton'
Backyard Theatre
1999Shear Madness, 'Mikey / Tony'
Stetson Productions
1997The God Boy, 'Boy's Father'
Playmarket Play Reading
1996Touch & Go, 'Jason / His Father'
Touch & Go Productions
1995The Axis Awards, 'Andy Warhol'
Inside-Out Productions
1994Long Time No See, 'Dan'
Bats Theatre
1994Gypsy, 'Spiros'
Downstage Theatre Play Reading
1992The Rise & Fall of Little Voice, 'Billy'
Downstage Theatre
1992A Comedy of Errors, 'Angelo'
Circa Theatre
1992Blue Remembered Hills, 'Peter'
Circa Theatre
1992Marae, 'Mr Jones'
Wellington Arts Festival
1992Piaf, 'Various'
Downstage Theatre
1992Taming of the Shrew, 'Hortensio'
Downstage Theatre
1992Foreskin's Lament, 'Mean'
Downstage Theatre
1991The Wolf Boy, 'Dir. Itard'
Terrodactyl Theatre Company
1990Private Wars, 'Gately'
Stables Theatre Sydney
1988Diary of a Scoundrel, 'Kroutitsky'
Victorian College of Arts Australia
1988Cloud Nine, 'Betty/Edward'
1998Pre-Paradise Lost Now, 'Ian Brady'
1988The Dutch Courtesan, 'Caquatuer'
1987Richard II, 'King Richard'
1987The Three Sisters, 'Solyoney'
1986As You Like It, 'Orlando'
1985The Lunatic, the Lover & the Poet, 'Various'
Maidment Theatre
1985The Rock Garden, 'The Boy'
Maidment Theatre
1985Equus, 'Alan'
Maidment Theatre
1985A Midsummer Night's Dream, 'Lysander'
Auckland University
1984Noon Day Demons, 'Power'
Maidment Theatre
1984Leonardo's Last Supper, 'Alphonso'
Maidment Theatre
1984Twelfth Night, 'Valentine
Auckland University
1983The Alchemist, 'Drugger'
Maidment Theatre
1983Lysistrata, 'Koraphios'
Auckland Youth Theatre
1982Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner, 'Gloworm'
Auckland Youth Theatre
1981Antigone, 'Haemon'
Auckland Youth Theatre
1981Neil, 'Neil'
Auckland Youth Theatre


1998Tarawera Te Maunga Tapu, 'William Bird'
La Hood Productions, Dir. Steve La Hood
1996Chinese Whispers, 'Jason'
Map Film Productions Ltd, Dir. Stuart McKenzie & Neil Pardington
1985Universal Drive, 'Sean'
Hibiscus Films, Dir. Martyn Sanderson


2011 Sealord
Internet only, 24 months


86-88Victoria College of Arts drama School
New Zealand
1982TVNZ Entertainers training course
New Zealand
1981Radio NZ drama course
New Zealand
1980Drama classes
Auckland Youth Theatre
77-78Jazz Ballet training
New Zealand


Recent credits only

Feature Film

2006 Avatar, 'Tractor Operator'
880 Productions Dir: James Cameron

2004 King Kong, 'Venture Crewman'
Universal Pictures Dir: Peter Jackson

2003 Lord of the Rings, 'Harad Leader No. 1 / Dethenor's Courtier'
Wingnut Films Dir: Peter Jackson


2014 Hope and Wire, 'Smasher'
Gaylene Preston Productions Dir: Gaylene Preston

2011 Rage (tele-feature), 'District Commander Moore'
Tom Scott Productions Dir: Danny Mulheron

2009 Legend of the Seeker: season II, 'The Butcher'
The Walt Disney Company (NZ) Limited Dir: Various directors

2008 Paradise Cafe, 'Joe Quartz'
The Gibson Group Dir: Danny Mulheron

2005 The Lost Children, 'Senior Sergeant'
Big House Productions Dir: Mike Smith

2005 The Killian's Curse, 'Doppleganger'
TVNZ Dir: Thomas Robins

2003 Freaky: The Hitchhiker, 'Hitchhiker'
TVNZ Dir: Jason Stutter

2002 Revelations, 'Hugo Brant'
Cloud 9 Dir: Janet Stubbings

2001 The Strip, 'Fireman'
The Gibson Group Dir: John Reid

99-01 Dark Knight: Ivanhoe, 'Falco'
Palana Productions Dir: Various directors


2016 King Lear
Circa Theatre Dir: Michael Hurst

2010 Wrecks, 'Edward Carr (lead)'
Backyard Theatre Dir: Pinky Agnew

2008 Location Location, 'Andew Midrdleton'
Backyard Theatre

Short Film

2017 Johnny Boy, 'David'
The NZ Film and Television School


  • Abseiling
  • Acrobatics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Body Surfing
  • Choreographer
  • Cricket
  • Indoor Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Dancer
  • Contemporary Dancer
  • Jazz Dancing
  • Director
  • Full Licence
  • Fishing
  • Gymnastics
  • Horse Riding
  • Ice Skating
  • Juggling
  • Mountain Biking
  • Flute
  • Guitar
  • Physical Theatre
  • Presenter
  • Roller Blading
  • Roller Skating
  • Rugby Union
  • Sailing
  • Skate Boarding
  • Skiing
  • Singer
  • Baritone
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Squash
  • Stage Combat Training
  • Stilt Walking
  • Stunt Performer
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Tennis
  • Theatre Sports
  • Voice Artist
  • Volleyball
  • Water Skiing
  • Writer
  • Yoga


VOICE WORK: Radio Drama includes: One More Won't do any Harm, 'Drug Pusher', Radio NZ, Verbatim, 'Aaron', Radio NZ, A Little Late Afternoon Sun, 'Fowler, Radio NZ, My Name is Marama Kingi, Radio NZ, Designer Genes, Radio NZ, Thunderplumps, Radio NZ, Grandad's Kite, 'Narrator', Radio NZ. Radio Commercials include; Telecom, 'Narraor', Saatchi & Saatchi, Land Safety & Transport, 'Acciden Witness VO', Saatchi & Saatchi, Queensgate Shopping Centre, Policeman', Marmalade, DB Export Gold, 'Robbo', Meares Taine, The Southerner Transrail, 'Barry', New Colenso, BP New Zealand, 'Presenter', Colenso

Vocal Skills

  • American (standard)
  • Mid-Western
  • New York
  • Australian
  • Cockney
  • RP
  • Irish
  • Maori
  • South African

Vocal Notes:


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