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Blonde - Light
5'9'' / 175 cm


2012 Shadows, 'Girl in Bar' (in post-production)
Defender Films, Dirs. Taika Waititi & Jemaine Celement


2014 Step Dave, 'Kat'
South Pacific Pictures, Dirs. Michael Hurst & John Lainge
2014 Seven Sharp: Social Experiment, 'Performer'
TVNZ, Dir. Sarah Stewart
2012 Rounds (pilot), 'Lisa'
Gibson Group, Dir. Jason Stutter
2012 Prescribed (pilot), 'Kimmi Winsor'
Dir. Daniel Pengally


2009 Sticky TV, 'Guest'
Pickled Possum Productions, Various directors
2007 Dai Henwood, 'Guest'
C4, Various directors


2014 Angels with Dirty Faces, 'Pats'
Dir. Zinnie Selwyn
2014 Apocalypse Z, 'Gin Blackmore'
Big Day Out / Royale Productions, Dir. Andrew Foster
2013 Live At Six, 'Tania Nelson'
NZ national tour, Dir. Tim Spite
2013 Apocalypse Z, 'Hero Zombie'
Royal Productions, Dir. Andrew Foster
2013 King Lear, 'Goneril'
Summer Shakespeare, Dir. Lisa Harrow
2012 Harriet (solo show), 'Harriet'
Dir. Sophie Roberts
2012 Skellig, 'Various'
Dir. Tabitha Arthur
2012 Live at Six, 'Tania Nelson'
Downstage Theatre, Dir. Conrad Newport
2011 Spelling Bee, 'Carla Grubeinare'
Dir. Nathaniel Lees
2011 The Roaring Girl, 'Alexandra Wengrave' (lead)
Dir. Rachel Henry
2010 Welcome to Thebes, 'Euphrosyne'
Dir. Annie Ruth
2010 Classic Cuts: Twelfth Night, 'Maria'
Dir. Rachel Henry


2013 Robert, 'Robert's Mum'
Dir. George Vaafusuaga
2013 Blame, 'Kelly'
Dir. Bradley Wiltshier
2011 They Called Him Kincaid, 'Queenie'
Dir. John Reid
2011 Scene from a Marriage, 'Silvia'
Dir. Gaylene Preston
2010 Horoscope, 'Hot Girl'
Dir. Sagar Janvek
2010 Second Chance, 'Stacey'
Dir. Ahmed Osman
2010 The Quickie, 'Receptionist'
Dir. Bonnie Low
2010 Kicking the Habit, 'Sister Margaret'
Dir. Josh O'Brien
2010 The First Stage is Disbelief, 'Bette'
Dir. Nathaniel Hinde
2010 Filthy Lucre, 'Carmen'
Dir. Gene V. Warriner

2006 Wizz of Oz, 'Lead'
48 Hour Film Competition


2013 New World

Voice Work

2014 Final Fantasy, 'Beatrix' (character voice - recurring)
Final Fantasy International (UK), Dir. Aaron Busch
2013 Kathren Wilson
George FM
2013 Mini Cooper
George FM
2013 Fashion Quarterly
George FM
2012 Shopping Loop Group
Park Road Post
08-09 Host of "KFC Drive By"
Flava FM


10-12 Bachelor of Performing Arts; Acting
Toi Whakaari NZ Drama School
08-09 Meisner Technique
with Michael Saccente
2008 American Accent workshop
with Terri de'Ath
2007 Presenters Platform
with Paulus Romijn

Recent credits only

Feature Film

2019 Take Home Pay, 'Danelle'
Dir: Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa

2018 Same But Different, 'Sam'
Raw Productions

2016 This paper mache bolder is actually really heavy, 'Amazon'
Oration films Dir: Christian Nicolson

2012 What we do in the Shadows, 'Girl in Bar'
Defender FIlms Dir: Taika Waititi & Jemaine Celement


2021 Raised by Refugees, 'Carol'
Kevin & co Dir: Madeleine Sami

2021 Good Grief, 'Susan (sales assistant)'
BSAG Dir: Kiel McNaughton

20-21 Head High, 'Colleen'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Tim Worrell

2020 Tide, 'Andi'
Current Mood Productions Dir: Rick Donald

2020 Loner, 'Mel (Lead)'
Dir: Lauren porteous

2020 Mystic, 'Police Officer'
Libertine Pictures Dir: Peter Salmon & Aidee Walker

2020 The Race First @ 11, 'Makeup Artist'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Jesse Griffin

2019 Mean Mums: season I, 'Sharon Shoomslap'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Damon Fepulea'i

16-18 Brokenwood Mysteries: season III-IV, 'Cushla'
South Pacific Pictures

2017 Weirdos, 'Prostitute'
Chill Box Creative Dir: Tom Sainsbury

2017 Ash vs. Evil Dead, 'Margie Kidd'

2017 Murder is Forever, 'Sharon Beauchamp'

2014 Step Dave, 'Kat'
South Pacific Pictures, Dir: Michael Hurst & John Lang

Web Series

2021 Good Grief - Season 1, 'Sales Associate '
Brown Sugar Apple Grunt Dir: Kiel McNaughton

2020 Chloe and The, 'Olivia (lead)'
Halo Productions

2019 Educators: Season 1, 'Mias mum'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Jesse griffin

2019 SMOKO, 'Miss Jones (lead)'
Smoke Productions Dir: Rachel Ross

2018 Shop Girls, 'Gigi'
current mood films Dir: Rick Donald

2017 Awkward Love: season I-III, 'Vicky (core cast)'
Dir: Emmet Skilton


2020 Emilia, 'Susan Bertie'
Pop Up Globe Dir: Miriama McDowell

2016 Lysistrata, 'Lampito'
Auckland Theatre Company Dir: Michael Hurst

2016 Boys will be Boys, 'Harrison'
Silo Theatre Dir: Sophie Roberts

2014 Angels with Dirty Faces, 'Pats'
Dir: Zinnie Selwyn

13-14 Apocalypse Z, 'Gin Blackmore'
Royale Productions Dir: Andrew Foster

2013 King Lear, 'Goneril'
Summer Shakespeare Dir: Lisa Harrow

2012 Harriet, 'Harriet (solo show)'
Dir: Sophie Roberts

2012 Live at Six, 'Tania Nelson'
Downstage Theatre Dir: Conrad Newport


  • Boxing
  • Choreographer
  • Ballet Dancer
  • Contemporary Dancer
  • Full Licence
  • Horse Riding
  • MC
  • Netball
  • Presenter
  • Skiing
  • Singer
  • Alto
  • Stage Combat Training
  • Swimming
  • Theatre Sports
  • Voice Artist
  • Yoga


Basic Choreographic skills. Professional Make-up Artist. Can drive manual and automatic.

Vocal Skills

  • American (standard)
  • Boston
  • New York
  • Southern American
  • Australian
  • British
  • Cockney
  • French
  • Russian
  • Irish

Vocal Notes:


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