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Blonde - Light
5'8'' / 173 cm
Final image courtesy of Ash vs. Evil Dead
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Recent credits only

Feature Film

2020 Whina, 'Doctor'
Dir: Paula Whetu Jones&James Napier Robertson

2012 The Emperor, 'McArthur's Adjutant (Support)'
Corn Cob Limited Dir: Peter Webber

2008 Avatar, 'Dragon Pilot'
880 Productions Dir: James Cameron

2006 30 Days Of Night, 'Gabe'
Sony Pictures

2005 Sione's Wedding, 'Security Guard'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Chris Graham

2004 Kidnapped, 'Young Man'
BBC / South Pacific Pictures

2003 Maiden Voyage, 'Keenan'
Maiden Productions/USA


2021 Mystic: season II, 'Jake (recurring)'
Libertine Pictures Dir: Various

2021 Power Rangers Dino Fury, 'Mick Kanic '
Nickelodeon Network Dir: Various

2020 Mystic: season I, 'Jake (recurring)'
Libertine Pictures Dir: Various

19-20 Power Rangers Beast Morphers , 'Cruise aka Artist Keytron'
Nickelodeon Network Dir: Various

2019 Jonah, 'Phil Kingsley Jones'
Great Southern Film and Television Dir: Danny Mulheron

2018 The Bad Seed, 'Arty Cole'
Dir: Robin Scholes & Chris Bailey

2018 The Gulf: season I, 'Simon Baum'
Dir: Charlie Haskell & Jackie van Beek

2017 The Brokenwood Mysteries: season IV, 'Felix Barrington (Guest)'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various

2017 Roman Empire: season II, 'Claudius (Guest)'
Stephen David Entertainment Dir: John Ealer

2017 Murder is Forever: episode 3, 'Agent Carteret'
Dir: Various

2017 In a Flash, 'Daniel Charman'
Dir: Ric Pellizzeri

2016 American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story, 'John Baumgarth (Guest) '
Dir: Richard Lopez

2015 Hillary, 'Charles Evan (Support)'
Great Southern Television Ltd Dir: Danny Mulheron

2015 Ash Vs. Evil Dead, 'Lionel (Guest)'
Starz Evil Dead NZ Ltd

2015 Bombshell - The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior (telefeature), 'Henk Haazen (Major Support)'
Screentime Productions Limited Dir: Riccardo Pellizzeri

2014 Project L, 'Phil (core cast)'
Desert Road Ltd Dir: Rob Sarkies

2014 Terry Teo, 'Male Actor'
Semi-Professional Pictures Ltd

2012 Golden, 'Simon Sweet'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Katie Wolfe

2012 Spartacus: season III, 'Diotimus'
Pacific Renaissance Spartacus LTD /Sparty Films LA, LLC Dir: Various

2011 Billy, 'Peter Rowley'
Comedia Pictures Ltd Dir: Peter Burger

2011 Nothing Trivial, 'Craig'
South Pacific Pictures

2011 The Russians Are Coming, 'P M Novosil'sky Midshipman'
Tawera Productions Ltd

2011 Siege (telefeature), 'Mark Glentworth'
Screentime NZ Dir: Mike Smith


2006 The Underpants, 'Lover'
Circa Theatre, Wellington Dir: Ross Jolley

2003 Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde, 'Frank Harris'
Downstage Theatre, Wellington

2002 Blue Orange, 'Dr. Bruce Flaherty'
Downstage Theatre, Wellington

2001 As You Like It, 'Silvius'
Downstage Theatre, Wellington

2001 Waterloo Sunset, 'Oik'
Downstage Theatre, Wellington


Vocal Skills

  • American (standard)
  • New York
  • British
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