WLG Katherine McRae

Katherine McRaeFeatured Popular

Brown - Light
5'7'' / 169 cm
Represented by Word of Mouth for voice work

Photographs by Andi Crown. Based in Wellington


2015 Catching the Black Widow 'Helen Milner'
KHF Media Ltd, Dir. Thomas Robins
06-07Shortland Street, 'Brenda Holloway' (core cast)
South Pacific Pictures, Various directors
1999Duggan, 'Barbara Watts'
Communicado, Various directors
1994Bread & Roses, 'Featured'
Preston-Laing Productions, Dir. Gaylene Preston
1993Coverstory, 'Featured'
NCRV Television
1992The Secret, 'Featured'
RHI Entertainment
1989Shark in the Park, 'Featured'
Gibson Group
1988Send a Gorilla, 'Joy'
Dir. Melanie Read
1982Mortimer's Patch, 'Featured'
Unknown Production Company


2005Wednesday to Come, 'Dot'
Dir. Geraldine Brophy
2002The Real Thing, 'Charlotte'
Circa Theatre, Dir. Susan Wilson
2000The Beauty Queen of Leeane, 'Maureen'
Circa Theatre, Dir. Ross Jolly
1998The Big Picture, 'Joy'
Circa Theatre, Dir. Susan Wilson
1998Closer, 'Annie'
Dir. Cathy Downes
1997The Herbal Bed, 'Hester'
Dir. Susan Wilson
1996Arcadia, 'Thomasina'
Dir. Susan Wilson
1995Filth, 'Rachel'
Dir. Ross Jolly
1995Aracdia, 'Thomasina'
Dir. Susan Wilson
1995Brilliant Lies, 'Kate'
Dir. Ross Jolly
1992Close, 'Tammy'
Dirs. James Beaumont & Simon Bennett
1991Pack of Girls, 'Lucy'
Dir. Murray Lynch
1991Piaf, 'Marlene/Madeline'
Dir. Colin McColl
1991The Taming of the Shrew, 'Bianca'
Dir. Murray Lynch
1991Foreskin's Lament, 'Moira'
Dir. Colin McColl
1991Madame Butterfly, 'Renee/Woman'
Dir. Anthony Taylor
1991Daddy's Girl, 'Mother'
Dir. Riwia Brown
1990Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, 'Karin'
Dir. James Beaumont
1990Weed, 'Terry'
Dir. Ross Jolly
1990An Audience called Edouard, 'Bertha'
Dir. Jan Prettijohns
1990The Secret Rapture, 'Rhonda'
Dir. James Beaumont
1990Baby Doll, 'Baby Doll'
Dir. James Beaumont
1989Room to Move, 'Prissy'
Dir. John McDavitt
1988Black Halo, 'Val'
Dir. James Beaumont
1987Bert & Maisy, 'Shona'
Dir. Richard Finn
1987Sly Fox, 'Mrs Truckle'
Dir. Campbell Smith
1986Say Thank You to the Lady, 'Annie'
Dir. Louise Turrell
1986Doris & the Thunderbirds, 'Ensemble'
Depot Theatre (group devised)
1985The Sea, 'Mafanwy Price'
NZ Drama School, Dir. George Webby
1985The Seagull, 'Nina'
NZ Drama School, Dir. George Webby
1985World Service, 'Various'
NZ Drama School, Dir. Roy Ward
1985Driftwood, 'Miss Pike'
NZ Drama School, Dir. Sunny Amey
1984Taking our Time, 'Sarah'
NZ Drama School, Dir. Philip Mann


1998Best Production for 'Closer'
Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards
1995Best Female Actor
Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards


Victoria University
84-85Toi Whakaari Graduate
New Zealand Drama School
1983Diploma in Drama
University of Auckland


Feature Film

2018 Vai , 'Kylie'
Lavutul Films Dir: Various


2020 The Brokenwood Mysteries; Series VII, 'Rosie'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various

2015 Catching the Black Widow, 'Helen Milner (lead)'
KHF Media Ltd Dir: Thomas Robins

2010 Outrageous Fortune, 'Andrea'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various

06-07 Shortland Street, 'Brenda Holloway (core cast)'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various

2002 Der Liebe entgegen, 'Joan Wade'
Hoffmann & Voges Entertainment

1999 Duggan, 'Barbara Watts'
Communicado Dir: Various

1994 Bread & Roses, 'Featured'
Preston-Laing Productions Dir: Gaylene Preston

1993 Coverstory, 'Featured'
NCRV Television

1989 Shark in the Park, 'Lauren Pennington'
Gibson Group


2005 Wednesday to Come, 'Dot'
Dir: Geraldine Brophy

2002 The Real Thing, 'Charlotte'
Circa Theatre Dir: Susan Wilson

2000 The Beauty Queen of Leeane, 'Maureen'
Circa Theatre Dir: Ross Jolly

1998 The Big Picture, 'Joy'
Circa Theatre Dir: Susan Wilson

Musical Theatre

2018 Shortland Street the Musical, 'Marj Neilson '
Auckland Theatre Company Dir: Simon Bennett


  • Full Licence
  • Horse Riding
  • Full Motorcycle Licence
  • Singer
  • Alto
  • Swimming
  • Voice Artist


Can drive manual and automatic.

Vocal Skills

  • American (standard)
  • British
  • RP

Vocal Notes:


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