AKL Josh Thomson

Josh ThomsonFeatured Popular

5'12'' / 182 cm

Photographs by Nick Gibb


2016 Pork Pie 'Fats'
Four Knights Film, Dir. Matt Murphy
2016 Gary of the Pacific, 'Gary'
Chief Gary Ltd, Dirs. Jarrod Holt, Nigel McCulloch & Ryan Hutchings
2012 3 Mile Limit "Gavin"
No 8 Films, Dir. Craig Newland
2010 My Wedding & Other Secrets, 'Neil'
South Pacific Pictures, Dir. Roseanne Liang

2006The Devil Dared Me To, 'Chip Butler'
Elevenmedia, Dir. Chris Stapp
02-03Dating Blind, 'Bob'
Dir. Till Noever


2017 The Project, 'Host'
Mediaworks TV Ltd
2016 Terry Teo, 'Det. McMurray'
Semi-Professional Pictures, Dir. Gerard Johnstone
2016 7 Days, 'Comic Panelist' (recurring)
MediaWorks TV Ltd
2015 7 Days, 'Comic Panelist' (recurring)
MediaWorks TV Ltd
2015 Step Dave 2, 'Sal'
South Pacific Pictures, Various directors
2013 Coverband, 'Marcus'
The Downlowconcept, Dir. Jonathan Brough
2013 Short Poppies, 'Jason the Ranger'
Augusto Ltd. Various directors
2012 7 Days, 'Comic Panelist'
TVWorks Ltd
2011 Hounds, 'Lance'
The Downlowconcept, Various directors
2010 Trails of Napier, 'Jason'
Great Southern TV, Dir. Jonathan Brough
2010Feedback, 'Policeman / Chainsaw Maniac'
Great Southern Television, Dir. Chris Heath

2009A Night at the Classic, 'Himself' (comedian)
Two Heads Ltd, Dir. Josh Thomson
08-09Jono's New Show, 'Various'
C4 TV, Dir. Josh Thomson
2009Pulp Sport, 'Isi Aslipi'
Shonky Productions
2007Paradise, 'John' (core cast)
Gibson Group, Various directors
2006Orange Roughies, 'Teina Banbury'
Screenworks, Dir. Chris Bailey
2004Havoc, 'Iranian Banbury'
Screenworks, Dir. Chris Bailey
03-04The Last Laugh, 'Various / Presenter'
Cream TV
02-03Pulp Comedy: series VI - VII, 'Himself' (comedian)
Dir. Mandy Toogood
2006Kiwifruit, 'Shane the Straight Guy'
Cream TV


2016 The Critic & the Pig, 'The Pig' (co-host)
The Downlow Concept
2016 Subject: Dad, 'himself'
thedownlowconcept, Dir. Josh Thomson
2016 The Boardroom, 'himself'
TVNZ, Dir. Kiel McNaughton


2014There's a Bluebird Inside My Heart but I Tell it to Shut Up
Playfight Productions/Basement Theatre, Dir. Jessica Joy Wood
2009 Bollocks, 'Mr Happy'
The Cult, Dir. Daniel Cowley
2007Ladies Night, 'Graham'
Red TV Studios, Dir. Tim Tsiklauri
2001Macbeth, 'Macbeth'
University of Otago, Dir. Richard Huber
2001The Rimers of Eldritch, 'Skelly'
University of Otago, Dir. Hilary Halba
2001Fucking Atriedes, 'Duke'
University of Otago
2000Coyote Ugly, 'Dowd Pewsy'
University of Otago, Dir. Amber Todd
2000Bringing it All Back Home, 'Miss Horne'
University of Otago
2000Lola: High on George, 'Mr Brown'
University of Otago, Dir. Natasha Wakefield
2000Albert Names Edward, 'Edward'
University of Otago, Dir. Robin Hall
1998Sweeney Todd, 'Sweeney Todd'
Timaru Dramatic Society, Dir. Carol Angland


2010Only Son, 'Sydney Manson' (lead)
The Downlow Concept / 48 Hour Film Festival
2008Water As Metaphor, 'Lead'
Red Bull Reel Life Short Film Competition

2006Brown Peril: The Tim Porch Story, 'Tim Porch' (lead)
The Down Low Concept / 48 Hour Film Festival
2002Guaranteed Cumshot, 'Armed Offender Squad Sergeant / Gang Member'
Dir. Mike Peters
2001The Shoot-mes, 'The Shooter'
Dir. Josh Thomson
2001Draft, 'John Draft'
Dir. Josh Thomson


2010 Winner Best Short Film, 'Only Son'
Qantas Film & Television Awards
2010 Winner Best Screenplay for a Short Film, 'Only Son'
Qantas Film & Television Awards
2010 Nominated Best Actor in a Short Film, 'Only Son'
Qantas Film & Television Awards
2010Grand National Champion for 'Only Son'
48 Hour Film Festival

2010Auckland City Regional Winner for 'Only Son'
48 Hour Film Festival
2010Best Script for 'Only Son'
48 Hour Film Festival
2009Best Entertainment Show for 'Jonos New Show'
Qantas Media Awards
2008National Winner for 'Water As A Metaphor'
Red Bull Reel Life Film Competition
2006Grand National Champion for 'Brown Peril: The Tim Porch Story'
48 Hour Film Festival
2006Best Script for 'Brown Peril: The Tim Porch Story'
48 Hour Film Festival
2006Best Actor for 'Brown Peril: The Tim Porch Story'
Richmond Road Film Festival


2015 ASB
2015 Accor Hotels
2013 Fresh Up

07-11Cash Converters


2015 The Barefoot Bandits, 'Fridge'
Mukpuddy Animation Ltd

2008Power Rangers: Jungle Fury, 'Bai Lai'
Ranger Productions, Various directors

Other work includes weekly narration for children's TV show 'Sticky TV' & various voice overs for television commercials.


02-09Meisner Technique
with Michael Saccente
2002BA in Theatre Studies, Film & Media Studies
University of Otago


Feature Film

2021 How to Please a Woman, 'Ben'
Be Feisty Production Dir: Renee Webster

2020 Baby, Done, 'Beth's Ex'
Baby Piki Ltd Dir: Curtis Vowell

2019 Guns Akimbo, 'Grim'
Supernova films Dir: Jason Lei Howden

2017 Pork Pie, 'Fats'
Four Knights Film Dir: Matt Murphy

2017 Gary of the Pacific, 'Gary (lead)'
The Downlow Concept Dir: Jarrod Holt, Nigel McCulloch & Ryan Hutchings

2010 My Wedding and Other Secrets, 'Neil'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Roseanne Liang


2021 Wellington Paranormal; Season 4, 'Satan'
NZ documentary board Ltd Dir: Jemaine Clement

2021 Young Rock, 'Bob'
Universal Television Dir: Various

2020 Late Night Big Breakfast, 'Josh'
Moon TV Production Dir: Leigh Hart

2019 The New Legends of Monkey: season II, 'Pigsy (core cast)'
See-Saw Films Dir: Peter Andrikidis & Thomas Robins

2019 Wellington Paranormal; Season 2, 'Satan'
NZ documentary board Ltd Dir: Jemaine Clement

2018 The New Legends of Monkey, 'Pigsy (core cast)'
See-Saw Films Dir: Gerard Johnstone

2016 Funny Girls, 'Mrs Pumpernickel'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Madeleine Sami

2016 Terry Teo, 'Det. McMurry (core cast)'
Semi-Professional Pictures Dir: Gerard Johnstone

2013 Coverband, 'Marcus (core cast)'
The Downlow Concept Dir: Jonathan Brough

2011 Hounds, 'Lance (core cast)'
The Downlow Concept Dir: Various

2007 Paradise, 'John (core cast)'
Gibson Group Dir: Various

Television Appearances

2021 Patriot Brains, 'Panelist'
TVNZ Dir: Various

17-21 The Project, 'Co-host'
Mediaworks Dir: Various

12-21 7 Days, 'Panelist (regular)'
Mediaworks Dir: Various

2020 Have You Been Paying Attention?, 'Panelist '
TVNZ Dir: Various

2017 Family Feud, 'Panelist '
Mediaworks Dir: Various

Web Series

2021 Good Grief , 'Dean Dolce'
Brown Sugar Apple Grunt Dir: Kyle McNaughton

2020 Educators; Season 2 , 'Gareth Clevedon'
South pacific Pictures Dir: Jesse Griffin

2020 Inside, 'Adrian'
Luminous Beast Dir: Peter Salmon

2018 Subject: Dad (reality show), 'Himself'
The Downlow Concept Dir: Various

2016 The Critic and the Pig (review show), 'Co-host'
The Downlow Concept Dir: Various

Short Film

2020 Sky Tower, 'Mike'
Rebels & Robots Productions

2018 21 Points, 'Gary '
Studio Local Dir: Pete Circuitt

2018 Father's Wish (in post production), 'Ryan '
Curious Films Dir: Oliver Green


2014 There's a Bluebird Inside My Heart but I Tell it to Shut Up
Playfight Productions Dir: Jessica Joy Wood

Television Commercials

19-20 Sky Value, 'Dr Chaos '

2019 BP

2019 Air New Zealand
NZ 6 Months

2019 Warehouse Stationery , 'Lead'

2018 Vodafone, 'Carpool Driver (Lead)'

2017 Toyota

2017 Regal Salmon

2015 ASB
NZ only

2015 Accor Hotels
Australia only

2013 Fresh Up
NZ only

Voice Work

2021 Te Meke Space (animated series), 'JNR-572'
Mukpuddy Animation Dir: Ryan Cooper

19-21 Kiri and Lou (animated Series), 'Dalvanius'
Kiri and Lou Ltd

2019 Quimbos Quest (animated series)
Mukpuddy Animation

16-19 The Barefoot Bandits (animated series), 'Fridge'
Mukpuddy Animation


2018 Best Show & Director (Factual) for Subject: Dad
NZ WebFest

2018 Best International Comedy for Subject :Dad
Melbourne Web Festival

17-18 Best Comedy Performance on Television
NZ Comedy Guild


  • Archery
  • Artist
  • Bowls
  • Comedian (Stand-Up)
  • Cricket
  • Indoor Cricket
  • Director
  • Full Licence
  • Fire Breathing
  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • MC
  • Bass Guitar
  • Clarinet
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Saxophone
  • Presenter
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Singer
  • Stage Combat Training
  • Theatre Sports
  • Voice Artist
  • Writer

Vocal Skills

  • American (standard)
  • Australian
  • British
  • RP
  • Maori
  • Polynesian

Vocal Notes:


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