AKL Joseph Wycoff

Joseph WycoffFeatured Popular

Brown - Dark
6'0'' / 183 cm
Headshots by Andi Crown.

Natural American accent.

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Recent credits only

Feature Film

2018 No turning back, 'Nick Wilkinson'
Ace of Diamonds Productions Dir: Danny Phillips

2016 This Giant Papier Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy, 'Lord Froth / Gotlieb'
Little Hero Pictures Dir: Christian Nicholson


2022 Shortland Street, 'Dr Darren Pointon'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various

2018 A War Story (Tele-feature) , 'CNN News Anchor'
War Stories Ltd

2017 Murder is Forever, 'TV Reporter - Omaha'
M FOREVER Ltd Dir: various

2016 Bombshell, 'Jean Saulnier'
Screentime NZ Dir: Ric Pellizzeri

2015 Ash vs Evil Dead, 'Phil'
Renaissance Pictures Dir: Sam Raimi

2015 Shortland Street, 'Ted Langton'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various directors

2014 Power Rangers, 'Reporter'
Power Rangers Productions Ltd Dir: Various directors

2014 Crisis (pilot), 'Oil Lobbyist'

Web Series

2012 Mitt Romney Terrified, 'Bruce, Mitt Romney Strategist'
The Onion

Short Film

2017 Mickey Three Eyes, 'Frank'
Leal Butler


2020 Faithful, 'Romeo/Lynn'
Galatea Theatre Dir: Patrick Graham

2020 Skylight, 'Tom'
Twice as Good Productions Dir: Suzy Sampson

2019 Sexy Buddha, 'Him'
Galatea Theatre Dir: Geoff Allen

2018 The Madonna’s Mule, 'Francisco'
Galatea Theatre Dir: Geoff Allen

2017 Pardon Me Alan Turing, 'Alan Turing'
Te Pou Theatre Dir: Patrick Graham

2017 America Rex, 'General Three'
JK Productions Dir: Dione Joseph

2017 When the Party's Over, 'Mark'
JK Productions Dir: Dione Joseph

2016 Falling Out Of Time, 'Man'
Theatre J (Washington DC) Dir: Derek Goldman

2014 Famous Flora, 'Henry'
Playtime Theatre Ltd Dir: Ben Crowder

Voice Work

2021 History's Greatest Speeches, Vol. III, 'Pericles'
Published by Fort Raphael Publishing Company

2020 The War at Home (Animated Webseries), 'Richmond'
Ardament Entertainment Dir: Lewis Roscoe

19-20 Path of Exile 2 Trailers

19-20 Zespri Sungold “Let Your Taste Wander” campaign

2018 Plexure: Explainer video , 'Narrator'
Pixel Push

2017 Path of Exile: the fall of Oriath, 'Bannon'
Grinding Gear Games

2017 Power Rangers: Shuriken, 'Drillion '
Power Rangers Productions Ltd

2017 War in Paradise , 'Narrator'

2017 The Arksville Homicides (web-series), 'Chief Gardner'
Ardament Entertainment Dir: Lewis Roscoe

2016 The Catch
USA AVO trailer

2016 Fisher & Paykel

Television Commercials

2020 KFC
NZ, 3 months

2018 AA Insurance

2017 HomeAway
USA, UK, France and Germany


  • Cross Country Running
  • Stage Combat Training
  • Voice Artist


Vocal Skills

  • French

  • American (standard)
  • Boston
  • Bronx
  • Mid-Western
  • New York
  • Southern American
  • British
  • RP
  • Scottish
  • Yorkshire
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Irish

Vocal Notes:

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