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Brown - Light
5'8'' / 173 cm
Photographs #1-3 by Kate Little. Photographs #4-6 by Andi Crown


2010The Ambitious Gentlemen, 'Henchwoman'
Dir. Benjamin Bode


2016 Funny Girls 2 'Various'
Mediaworks, Dir. Madeleine Sami
2015 Funny Girls, 'Various
Mediaworks, Dir. Johnny Barker
2015 Shortland Street, 'Leonie McDowell'
South Pacitic Picgtures, Various directors
2015 Jono & Ben, 'Donna'
MediaWorks TV Lts
2015 Best Bits, 'Panelist'
The Down Low Concept, Various directors
2014 Best Bits, 'Panelist'
Downlow Concept, Various directors

2002Shortland Street, 'Whitney'
South Pacific Pictures, Various directors
2001Dark Knight, 'Catherine'
Palana Productions, Various directors
2001Shortland Street, 'Mandy'
South Pacific Pictures, Various directors


2016 Benedict Cumberbatch Must Die, 'Genevieve'
Basement Theatre, Dir. Kate McGill
2016 Next Big Things, 'Comedian'
NZ Comedy Trust / Q Theatre
2015 Social Climbers, 'Sinead'
Tadpole Productions, Dir. Janice Finn
13-15 SNORT, 'Various' (sketch show)
Basement Theatre
2014There's a Bluebird Inside My Heart but I Tell it to Shut Up, 'Various'
Playfight Productions/Basement Theatre, Dir. Jessica Joy Wood
2013 Looking at Stuff in Clouds, 'Various'
Basement Theatre, Dir. Jessica Joy Wood
2013 The Women, 'Peggy'
The Court Theatre, Dir. Ross Gumbley
2012 Leopard, 'Rebecca'
Basement Theatre, Dir. Chris Neels
2011 Emotional, Cripple. , 'Nana'
Basement Theatre, Dir. Nic Sampson

2010Tits & Assets, 'Carla'
American Theatre of Actors NY
2009Haus of Plays, 'Mona'
The Real Theatre Company NY
2009Kung-Foolery Middle School Dance, 'Karly / Rebecca'
Richmond Shepard Theatre NY
2009Jon, 'Ruth'
Godlight Theatre / Bridge Theatre Company NY (play reading)
2009Lord Byron's Love Letter, 'The Old Woman'
Rita-Morgenthau Theatre NY
2009The Real Inspector Hound, 'Mrs Drudge'
Rita-Morgenthau Theatre NY
2009Mamma Mia, 'Rosie'
The Neighborhood Playhouse NY
2003Lysistrata, 'Spartan Woman'
Auckland University, Dir. Michael Hurst
2002Little Women, 'Jo'
Dolphin Theatre


2009The V Factor, 'Jennifer'
NYFA, Dir. Sara Seligman
2009Beautiful, 'Judge'
Dir. John Gallagher
2009Alone, 'Lead'
daneljohnsonfilms, Dir. Daniel Johnson


2015 ASB
NZ, 6 months
2014 Telecom
NZ, 6 months
2013 Bookings.com


2010 ATC Voice Masterclass
with Cameron Rhodes 
2010 On Screen Acting, Full Day Clinic
with Barefoot Casting

09-10Reader for Judy Henderson
Casting Director NY
08-09Acting, Singing, Dance, Voice & Speech, Stage Combat, Alexander Technique, Shakespeare & Acting for Camera
The Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre NY
2009Acting for Film with Kimberly Graham
Casting Director NY
06-07Acting with Irene Bradshaw
London tutor
2005Meisner Class with Michael Saccente
Meisner Technique
2005Bachelor of Arts in Film & Theatre
Auckland University
2001ATCL Diploma in Speech & Drama
Trinity College of London

Recent credits only

Feature Film

2021 Mother of the Revolution, 'Helen John'
GFC Dir: Briar March

2017 The Breaker Upperers, 'Bride to be'
Miss Piki Films Ltd Dir: Jackie van Beek & Madeleine Sami

2010 The Ambitious Gentlemen, 'Henchwoman'
Benjamin Bode Dir: Benjamin Bode


2021 Mean Mums: season III, 'Beths Mum'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various

2021 Raised by Refugees, 'Trish/Client'
Kevin & Co Dir: Various

2019 Golden Boy, 'Betty'
Mediaworks Dir: Various

2018 Funny Girls (NZ Suffragette Special), 'Various'
Mediaworks Dir: Various

2018 Funny Girls: season III, 'Various'
Mediaworks Dir: Various

2017 Shortland Street, 'Leonie McDowell'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various

2017 Jono & Ben (sketch show), 'Various'
Mediaworks Dir: Various

2016 Funny Girls: season II, 'Various'
Mediaworks Dir: Madeleine Sami

2015 Funny Girls: season I, 'Various'
Mediaworks Dir: Johnny Barker

2015 Shortland Street, 'Leonie McDowell'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various

2015 Jono & Ben, 'Donna'
Mediaworks Dir: Various

2001 Dark Knight, 'Catherine'
Palana Productions Dir: Various

Television Appearances

19-21 7 Days (panel show), 'Herself'
Mediaworks Dir: Various

2018 Brainstorm (panel show), 'Herself'
TVNZ Dir: Various

2018 The Spinoff TV: season I, 'Herself '
Great Southern TV Ltd Dir: Various


2013 The Women, 'Peggy'
The Court Theatre Dir: Ross Gumbley

Stand Up Comedy

2019 Heroic, 'Herself/Comedian'
Notorious- Billy T Award Nominee

2018 You Do You Babes , 'Herself/Comedian'
Julie Zhu - Billy T Award Nominee

2017 Cat Lady in Waiting, 'Herself/Comedian'
Zanetti Productions

13-17 Snort, 'Various (founding member)'
Basement Theatre Dir: Various

Television Commercials

2019 New World RWC
NZ, 7 Weeks

17-18 TAB - Melbourne Cup Season

Voice Work

2022 Night Eyes (animated series), 'Vim '


  • Artist
  • Comedian (Stand-Up)
  • Dancer
  • Ballet Dancer
  • Ballroom Dancer
  • Jazz Dancing
  • Full Licence
  • Piano
  • Netball
  • Singer
  • Mezzo Soprano
  • Stage Combat Training
  • Swimming
  • Theatre Sports


Barista. Can drive manual and automatic.

Vocal Skills

  • American (standard)
  • Bronx
  • New York
  • Southern American
  • Australian
  • British
  • Cockney
  • RP
  • Welsh
  • South African
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