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Brown - Dark
6'1'' / 185 cm
Photographs #1-5 by Andi Crown & photograph #6 by Colleen Tunnicliff


2014 Deathgasm, 'Aeon'
Metalheads Ltd, Dir. Jason Lei Howden
2011 I Survived a Zombie Holocaust, 'SMP'
Zombie Holocaust Ltd, Dir. Guy Pigden

2003Treasure Island Kids: The Mystery of Treasure Island, 'Scientist #1'
Daybreak Pictures, Dir. Gavin Scott


2011 Underbelly NZ: The Land of the Long Green Cloud, 'DSS Laurie MacKenzie'
Screentime NZ Ltd, Dirs. Mike Smith & Ric Pellizzeri
2011 Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, 'Magistrate Sextus'
Pacific Reniassance Pictures, Various directors
2010Legend of the Seeker: series II, 'Duke Anders'
The Walt Disney Company (NZ) Ltd, Dir. Garth Maxwell 
2009Spartacus: Blood & Sand, 'Magistrate Sextus'
Pacific Renaissance Pictures, Dir. Jesse Warn
2008Outrageous Fortune: series IV, 'Andrew'
South Pacific Pictures, Dir. Mark Beesley

2008Power Rangers: Jungle Fury, 'Master Lope' (recurring)
Ranger Productions Ltd, Various directors
2007Amazing Extraordinary Friends, 'Tray Waistcoat'
Greenstone Pictures, Dir. Geoff Cawthorn
2004P.E.T Detectives, 'Mr. Stanbridge'
Screentime Communicado, Various directors
2004Not Only, But Always (tele-feature), '1st AD'
Channel 4 Films, Dir. Terry Johnson
01-03Shortland Street, 'Geoff Greenlaw' (core cast)
South Pacific Pictures, Various directors
1998Alys Story (pilot), 'Philip James'
Dir. David Wooley


2013 The Factory, 'Stan Downe'
Jump Film & TV Ltd, Dir. Joe Lonie


2013 Gifted, 'Frank Sargeson'
NZ national tour, Dir. Conrad Newport
2012 The Red Chair, 'Cabaret Ensemble'
Q Theatre, Dir. Aaron Tindell
2012 Len Lye the Opera, 'Ford Powell'
University of Auckland, Dirs. Murray Edmond & Uwe Grodd
2011 Hits of '83, 'Wayne'
Centrepoint Theatre, Dir. Lucy Schmidt
2011 The 39 Steps, 'Richard Hannay'
Centrepoint Theatre, Dir. Conrad Newport
2010 Songs for Guy, 'Singer' (Cabaret show)
The Moa Lives!, Dir. Kip Chapman
2009Holding the Man, 'Dick / Bob'
Silo Theatre, Dir. Shane Bosher

2006Berlin, 'Freddi'
Silo Theatre, Dir. John Verryt
2006Twelfth Night, 'Orsino'
Auckland Theatre Company, Dir. Michael Hurst
2006Mr. Marmalade, 'Mr. Marmalade'
Silo Theatre, Dir. Michael Hurst
2005Jaques Brel is Alive & Well, 'Man #1'
Silo Theatre, Dir. Jennifer Ward-Lealand
2005Suddenly Last Summer, 'Dr. Cukrowicz'
Court Theatre, Dir. Cathy Downes
2004Macbeth, 'Lennox'
The Large Group, Dir. Michael Hurst
1997All My Sons, 'Frank'
Auckland Theatre Company, Dir. David Berthold
1997The World Goes Round, 'Man #1'
Dir. Jennifer Anderson
1996Assassins, 'Booth'
Watershed, Dir. S. Bennett
1996Market Forces, 'Brian Fraser'
Auckland Theatre Company, Dir. Cathy Downes
1996The New Rocky Horror Pictures Show, 'Phantom'
Paul Dainty Int., Dir. Nigel Triffitt
1995The Fall of Singapore, 'P.O.W'
Sydney Theatre Company, Dir. Nigel Triffitt
1995The New Rocky Horror Show, 'Phantom'
Stetson Productions, Dir. Nigel Triffitt
1994Blood Brothers, 'Sammy'
Dir. Tomson Kenwright
1993Flybaby, 'Vatman'
Galaxy, Dir. Simon Bennett
1992The Glass Menagerie, 'Jim'
Circa, Dir. William Walker
1992Miss Julie, 'Jean'
BATS, Dir. Eleanor Aitken
1991Entertaining Mr. Sloane, 'Sloane'
Circa, Dir. Susan Wilson
1991Ladies Night, 'Craig'
Centrepoint, Dir. Alison Quigan
1991Let's Do It with Cole Porter, 'Alex'
Downstage, Dir. R. Hawthorn
1991Dead Tragic, 'Singer'
Centrepoint, Dir. Michael Williams
1990Conquest of the South Pole, 'Brankman'
BATS, Dir. Simon Bennett
1990Hamlet, 'Laertes'
BATS, Dir. Simon Bennett
1990Blythe Spirit, 'Charles'
Centrepoint, Dir. Simon Bennett
1990Aunt Daisy, 'Boss'
Centrepoint, Dir. J. Kingsford-Brown
1989Jism, 'Tad Manacle'
BATS, Dir. Simon Bennett
1989The Song of Bobby Zack, 'Doc / DJ'
BATS, Dir. Gary Henderson
1988Three Sisters, 'Soliony'
NZDS, Dir. John Anderson
1988Tartuffe, 'Cleante'
NZDS, Dir. Sylvia Rands


1992Best Supporting Actor for 'The Glass Menagerie'
Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards
1991Best New Comer for 'Entertaining Mr. Sloane'
Wellington Theatre Critics Awards


1988Toi Whakaari Graduate
New Zealand Drama School


Feature Film

2014 Deathgasm, 'Aeon'
Metalheads Ltd Dir: Jason Lei Howden


2020 Sweet Tooth: season 1, 'Bob (recurring)'
Netflix Dir: Various

2020 Almost Paradise, 'Jeremy Westwood (ep lead)'
Electric Entertainment

2011 Underbelly NZ: The Land of the Long Green Cloud, 'DSS Laurie MacKenzie'
Screentime NZ Ltd Dir: Mike Smith & Ric Pellizzeri

2011 Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, 'Magistrate Sextus'
Pacific Reniassance Pictures Dir: Various directors

2010 Legend of the Seeker: season II, 'Duke Anders'
The Walt Disney Company (NZ) Ltd Dir: Garth Maxwell

2009 Spartacus: Blood & Sand, 'Magistrate Sextus'
Pacific Renaissance Pictures Dir: Jesse Warn

2008 Outrageous Fortune: season IV, 'Andrew'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Mark Beesley

2008 Power Rangers: Jungle Fury, 'Master Lope (recurring)'
Ranger Productions Ltd Dir: Various directors

01-03 Shortland Street, 'Geoff Greenlaw (core cast)'
South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various directors

Short Film

2018 Repugnant, 'Rob '
Divisionary Films Limited

Web Series

2017 Auckward Love: season III, 'Gabriel'
Dir: Emmett Skilton

Musical Theatre

2017 The Sound of Music, 'Admiral von Schreiber'
Ben McDonald/ National Tour

2012 Len Lye the Opera, 'Ford Powell'
University of Auckland Dir: Murray Edmond & Uwe Grodd

2006 Berlin (Cabaret), 'Freddi'
Silo Theatre Dir: John Verryt

2005 Jaques Brel is Alive & Well (Cabaret), 'Man #1'
Silo Theatre Dir: Jennifer Ward-Lealand


2020 Wonderful, 'Brother Vianney'
Bats Theatre Dir: Conrad Newport

2018 Hudson and Hall, 'Hudson'
Centrepoint Dir: Dan Pengelly

2017 Julius Caesar, 'Calpurnia'
Pop-Up Global Ellerslie Ltd Dir: Dr Miles Gregory

2015 Gifted, 'Frank Sargeson'
Circa Theatre Dir: Conrad Newport

2009 Holding the Man, 'Dick / Bob'
Silo Theatre Dir: Shane Bosher

2006 Twelfth Night, 'Orsino'
Auckland Theatre Company Dir: Michael Hurst


  • Dancer
  • Ballroom Dancer
  • Contemporary Dancer
  • Jazz Dancing
  • Full Licence
  • Fencing
  • Gymnastics
  • Horse Riding
  • Pool
  • Presenter
  • Singer
  • Baritone
  • Swimming
  • Yoga


Experienced voice over artist. Can drive manual and automatic.

Vocal Skills

  • American (standard)
  • Bronx
  • Southern American
  • Australian
  • British
  • Cockney
  • Liverpool
  • RP
  • Eastern European
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish
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