Nick: An Accidental Hero

Nickby Renee Lyons
9 & 13 March

Belly laughs a'plenty, moments of true beauty, Nick: An Accidental Hero is the enormously affecting and heartbreakingly honest story of New Zealand sportsman, adrenalin junkie and all-round wild man Nick Chisholm. Nick's life ground to a halt when he was struck by a major stroke at the age of 27. He was left with a condition called "locked in syndrome" - known to those who have experienced it as "pure hell". Nick's unexpected recovery has baffled the medical profession and the play explores his fierce determination, the many characters that populate his life and the unlikely road to true love.

After sell out seasons, awards and critical acclaim, Chapman Tripp winning actress and creator Renee Lyons brings her solo show Nick: An Accidental Hero back for 2 nights only. An unstoppable tour de force of talent, imagination and a testament to the strength of the human spirit, Lyons has performed the show to critical acclaim throughout New Zealand and Edinburgh.

featuring Renee Lyons
direction by Abigail Greenwood

for more information and to book tickets visit the Basement Theatre website


Filming Fees Public Notice

Proposed Filming Fees review and update of the Auckland Film Protocol

Have your say
Auckland Council, ATEED and Auckland Transport propose to standardise fees for all filming projects that utilise a public place. The proposal includes:
  • charges based on the impact of the production
  • charges based on the type of public place used

The proposed new charges will cover the use of a public place such as a park, road, or footpath, which involves minimising potential public nuisance, obstruction or hazard, and the facilitation function of the film permit process. The fees will be confirmed in June 2015.

ATEED have also updated the Auckland Film Protocol to provide consistent guidelines and conditions for filming across the Auckland region.

For more information and to make a submission visit our website:

A summary of the proposed changes to the Auckland Film Protocol and related charges can be found at

Submissions open on Friday 27 February and must be received by Thursday 26 March 2015.

Find out more: phone 09 301 0101 or visit

ATEED New Trading & Events in Public Places Bylaw

Auckland Council is introducing a Trading and Events in Public Places bylaw to manage activities in public places fairly and consistently across the Auckland region. The new bylaw will replace the current bylaws that relate to trading, filming and events across Auckland. The new bylaw will come into effect on 1 July 2015.

What does this mean for film companies?
To coincide with the region-wide bylaw, the Auckland Film Protocol has been updated to provide consistent guidelines and conditions for filming across the Auckland region. It is also being proposed to introduce a standardised set of fees relating to filming in public places. A summary of the proposed changes to the Auckland Film Protocol and related fees can be found at

As per the current process, anyone wishing to film in a public place will be required to complete an application form to apply for a film permit via Screen Auckland.

New film fees
Auckland Transport and ATEED propose to standardise fees for all filming projects that utilise public spaces. The proposal includes:
  • a fee based on the impact of the production (low, medium, high or major impact);
  • a fee for the type of public space used – park, road, footpath/berm, or other public

The fee will cover the use of the public place, which involves minimising potential public nuisance, obstruction or hazard, and the facilitation function of the film permit process. The fees will be confirmed in June 2015.

Have your say
Public consultation on the Auckland Film Protocol and proposed fees will run from 27 February to 26 March 2015 and all Aucklanders involved in the film industry - or with a general interest - are encouraged to have their say. Provide your feedback by going to

For a complete copy of the new Trading and Events in Public Places Bylaw, please visit If you have any other queries, please contact Customer Services on 09 301 0101.

Friends make sure the show goes on

Taken from NZ Herald, by Dionne Christian.

When actor-singer Robbie Tripe lost his long-running battle with depression last November, grieving family and friends wanted to ensure the death of the 41-year-old would not be in vain.

Knowing he had wanted to stage his own cabaret, Let's Get Lost, those who would have been involved - Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Paul Barrett and producer Sharu Delilkan - decided the show must go on.

Black Dog Relief: A Cabaret for Robbie Tripe will be a farewell to the popular performer known for roles in stage shows as well as Shortland Street, Power Rangers, The Strip, The Truth About Demons and the Radio Hauraki docu-drama The 3 Mile Limit.

Featuring Barrett on piano accompanied by the likes of Ward-Lealand, Rima Te Wiata, Colleen Davis, Andrew Laing, Keith Adams and Alistair Browning, it also aims to raise awareness of depression in the performing arts community. All proceeds will go to the Mental Health Foundation.

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Reviews - The Ladykillers

Reviewed by Dione Joseph, Theatreview.

Television sitcom writer Graham Linehan certainly has a flair for farce.

His refreshing version of the classic Ealing comedy by William Rose (originally starring Peter Sellers and Alec Guiness, and later remade by the Coen brothers with Tom Hanks) might not be as disturbing as the original - but The Ladykillers is black comedy at its best.

The story is simple. In post-war London, Mrs Louisa Wilberforce is your classic sweet little old lady who has a spare room to rent. While suspicious of all potential German affiliations (and perhaps those from Wales too) she is wuick to welcome into her home Professor Marcus, a musician and purportedly "a gentleman" who seeks privacy for his eclectic string collaborators as they prepare for the performance of their lives. Of course it's hardly a high class concert but a heist of the first order that requires their unsuspecting host to play a pivotal role in ensuring their success. But will she take the bait?

Expertly directed by Colin McColl and Cameron Rhodes, it's a visual and verbal delight where scarves entangle, knives are flung, diseased parrots squawk out inappropriate comments, discordant harmonies are spontaneously improvised; and endless cups of tea are poured against the background of flickering lights as the train shrieks past on its way to Newcastle.

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Starz’s Evil Dead sequel casts pair

Taken from Hollywood Reporter, by Lesley Goldberg.

Ray Santiago (Touch, Meet the Fockers) and Dana DeLorenzo (Growing Up Fisher) will co-star in Starz's straight-to-series Ash vs. Evil Dead sequel, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Bruce Campbell will reprise his role as the title character Ash, a stock boy, aging lothario and chainsaw-handed monster hunter who has spend the past three decades avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead. When a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind, Ash is finally forced to face his demons - personal and literal. Destiny, it turns out, has no plans to release the unlikely hero from its evil grip.

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Kiwi horror Housebound to get Hollywood remake

Taken from NZ Herald.

Acclaomed New Zealand horror comedy Housebound is set for a Hollywood remake. Writer-director Gerard Johnstone's movie will be remade by New Line Cinema, the Hollywood Reporter says.

It says Johnstone will act as a producer but won't be directing the film, and that New Line is searching for a writer.

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The Year in Review: The Best of Auckland Theatre 2014

Taken from The Lumiere, by Sam Brooks.


They Saw a Thylacine (Sarah Hamilton/Justine Campbell)
Two Australian women and an unassuming set didn’t prepare for one of the most intellectually engaging and rhythmically powerful works I’ve seen this year. A proudly environmentalist work, and an even more assured theatrical one. Utterly essential.

Daffodils (Bullet Heart Club)
The best new New Zealand work to premiere this year by a country mile, Daffodils was as much a celebration of a certain generation and their music as it was a condemnation of their “she’ll be right” mentality. Stunning music, performances, and direction is just the icing on the cake.

360 (Nightsong Productions / Theatre Stampede)
If all theatre that took this many risks could be so accomplished and downright pleasant. As much about the simultaneously loving and destructive nature of family as it was about its own spectacle, 360 – A Theatre of Recollections is the kind of show that deserves to run for ever.

Angels in America (Silo Theatre)
One of the best plays of the last 30 years given a production it truly deserves, and that Auckland theatre deserves. A marathon just for an audience to get through; the first time I was struck into awe by the sheer magnitude of the production, the second time I was caught off guard by the precision of it. The achievement of the year.

The Wilderness (Blackbird Ensemble)
Blackbird Ensemble’s larger show The Night Sky was the bigger, flashier spectacle, but The Wilderness is what lingers in my mind. Wondrous, engaging, and gorgeous in equal spades, it’s the most adventurous and brave blend of music and theatre that I’ve ever seen.

When The Rain Stops Falling (Court Theatre)
In on a technicality, this production staged by the Court Theatre remains one of the most wondrously huge pieces of theatre I’ve seen this year. It takes Andrew Bovell’s elephantine text magnified four hundred percent. Beautiful visuals and a committed cast complete the package.

Both Sides Now (Auckland International Cabaret Season)
Julia Deans does Joni Mitchell. That’s all you should need. But more than just a great singer recounting the hits of a great songwriter, Deans delved deep into the back catalogue and soul of Mitchell for one of the most emotionally engaged shows of the year.

Belleville (Silo Theatre)
A horror for the millennial set, Silo gave us Amy Herzog’s deeply unsettling treatise on the problems with our generation, and Oliver Driver’s production lifted it into body-shaking horror. It stuck with me.

Mana Wahine (Okareka Dance Company)
I know next to nothing about dance, but my own visceral response and the response of those around me told me that Mana Wahine was not only a special world, but an angry, stirring and profoundly human one. Dance for the soul.

Lies + What Have You Done To Me (Stephen Bain / Nisha Mahdan)
If there were two shows that made me believe more of what theatre could be, it was these. The former was a performance of courtship that was like watching somebody cut a raw nerve onstage, the latter was a tribute to the performances that we all take quietly without questioning. Both reminders of theatre’s continual growth; both triumphs in every sense of the word.

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Deathgasm to show at SXSW

Taken from Indiewire, by Casey Cipriani.

The SXSW Midnighters section is a favourite among those who prefer the weird, sometimes frightening ingredients of the festival. This year's slate includes nine world premieres among the 11 genre films that fit into the thriller, sci-fi and dark comedy genres from a mix of new and veteran filmmakers.

Additionally, 106 short films were selected from a record 4,935 short film submissions, an overall increase of 16% from 2014. The films will play in 10 curated programs. The films in the Short Film Program are eligible for Jury Awards within their respective screening categories.

"Creepy, clever, engrossing, and frightening are just a few words that come to mind when I think about this year's SXSW Midnighters' lineup," said SXSW Producer and Senior Programmer Jarod Neece. "These nine world premieres and two festival favourites are helmed by five firt-time filmmakers and several SXSW alumni. We will be screening four films a night at midnight during all nine days of SXSW, and we can't wait to unleash them on the SXSW audiences!"

Read the full article here.

Call for Applications: FilmUp Script Development 2015

Taken from Script to Screen newsletter.

Following on from a successful inaugural year, we are delighted to call for applications for FilmUp Script Development, a dynamic multi-faceted programme that significantly up-skills producers and script editors who want to hone their skills in story development. We warmly welcome back renowned story consultant and acting/directing coach Brita McVeigh who will helm the programme, providing engaged one-on-one coaching.

The programme is built on the understanding that story knowledge in itself is simply not enough. Practitioners who excel in script development possess skills that are harder to come across, and it is these skills that enable a robust development process that strengthens the project.

For this reason, we deliver an exciting practice-based programme that will support New Zealand producers and script developers, help identify and strengthen their individual process, and at the same time ensure that this process yields results.

One-on-one coaching that supports the development of a feature project will sit at the heart of programme and be supplemented with facilitated group work, round tables with esteemed filmmakers, and a one-day intensive with a renowned Australian script editor.

"It's a rare and precious thing to have someone to discuss my work with as I'm doing it and I feel like the mentorship has not only accelerated my learning but also profoundly deepened it." - Julie Alp, 2014 Script Development participant.

Key Dates
 - Applications open 10th February and close on Monday 9th March 2015 at 5pm.
 - An industry selection panel will choose the successful applicants mid-March and all applicants will be advised of the results.
 - Shortlisted applicants may be required to participate in a 30-minute Skype interview;
 - Successful applicants must be available to attend an a full-day intensive with FilmUp Mentorship on Thursday 16th April and a half-day on Friday 17th April 2015.

for more information and to apply now click here
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