The 7th Annual Auckland Theatre Awards



presented by The Dust Palace
27 November - 11 December

Q Theatre and cirque exponents The Dust Palace take you on a journey fit for the ages with Ithaca. A cirque cabaret inspired by the epic tale that is Homer’s Odyssey. Transcending day to day triviality, skillful performers liberate moments trapped in the mists of time... Epic love duets, God-like flight, and carnal hell on earth.

The year is 2292. Odysseus (Mike Edward) leads a rag tag crew of soldier’s home across space. His sole mission... to be reunited with his love, Penelope (Eve Gordon).

But, can he resist the song of the Sirens? Will he survive the might of the Cyclops? Is it possible to get sexy with each and every nubile nymph he meets? Ten years is a long time in space with only one friend and a robot.

Be enthralled as the star-studded cast balance, contort and soar through space with wild abandon.

featuring Mike Edward, Eve Gordon, Edward Clendon, Rochelle Mangan, Carlin Brown, Geof Gilson, Reid McGowan and Heath Jones
direction by Eve Gordon

for more information and to book tickets visit the Q Theatre website

I, Peaseblossom - Industry Ticket Offer

“Auckland, don’t miss this. Tim Crouch is a legend of the Brit theatre scene" - Metro Magazine 

"Crouch is a performer at the top of his game.." - The Guardian

Industry discount tickets available for $20.

The British Council presents award-winning UK playwright / performer Tim Crouch and his outrageously entertaining I, Peaseblossom 8-12 December. Crouch is a celebrated master of Shakespearean theatre, and I, Peaseblossom will showcase his irreverent and modern take on Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream through the eyes of this cheeky fairy - it's Shakespeare as never seen before.

Where: University of Auckland, Maidment Theatre – Musgrove Studio
When: 8 Dec 2015 - 12 Dec 2015 7.30pm + 12 December 3pm
Tickets: $10-$25 Family/student/group/65+ concessions available
Bookings: (09) 308 2383 or online bookings

Talking Heads: AAANZ

Taken from Screen NZ.

Looking back over previous columns in this series I was amazed to realise that this will be the tenth such endeavour. What seemed recently to be a new venture has already effectively become an institution, one which successfully allows different facets of our industry to throw some light on the concerns and aspirations of their patch.

From the perspective of the Actors Agents Association of New Zealand, the industry is always simultaneously great and frustrating, full of optimism but also pessimism. We anxiously look forward to each new drama series and feature film as they are confirmed then have to accept the reality that it’s usually someone else’s people that have won the right to play the leading roles after a roiling audition process. We treat each new commercial casting brief with hope as it arrives in our inboxes only to despair as the small print often reveals a lack of understanding of the importance of the performer and the impact on them of a successful campaign. Nonetheless there seem to be always more individuals setting up as agents and few if any closing up shop, so it is fair to say that positivity wins hands down the vast majority of the time.

Currently we are very proud that after a couple of years of trying we have now created an internet portal that allows anyone to access local performers without having to either wade through a mass of Australians or make the trek to each individual agent’s website. As a result of support from Showcast, the AAANZ website is now a gateway to all those performers who value themselves and their professionalism to list themselves as interested and available to work on productions happening here – both local and foreign – and, hopefully, those happening overseas. Treat yourself to a visit and bask in the vast pool of wonderful talented individuals. (And let us know if there are aspects of the site that we can improve!)

Read the full article here.

ATC 2016 Season Announced


11 February - 5 March - POLO. Cast includes Lisa Chappell, Harry McNaughton, Adam Gardiner, Taylor Barrett, James Maeva, Katrina Wesseling, Kalyani Nagaran. Direction by Colin McColl.

31 March - 16 April - YOU CAN ALWAYS HAND THEM BACK. Cast includes Delia Hannah, Jason Te Mete. Direction by Janice Finn.

21 - 26 April - THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER. Direction by Margaret-Mary Hollins.

5 - 18 May - TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Cast includes Simon Prast, Ian Mune, Goretti Chadwick, Fasitua Amosa, Kevin Keys, James Maeva. Direction by Colin McColl.

9 June - 2 July - THAT BLOODY WOMAN. Cast includes Esther Stephens, Geoffrey Dolan, Phoebe Hurst, Cameron Douglas, Amy Straker, Kyle Chuen, Andy Manning. Direction by Kip Chapman.

21 July - 14 August - THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME. Cast includes Timothy Earl, Rima Te Wiata, Wesley Dowdell, Hera Dunleavy, Laurel Devenie, Damien Avery, Victoria Abbott, Peter Hayden. Direction by Sara Brodie.

1 - 2 September - VENUS IN FURS. Cast includes Morgana O'Reilly, Matt Whelan. Direction by Shane Bosher.

for further information visit the Auckland Theatre Company website

Silo Theatre 2016 Season Announced


3 - 13 February - NO MORE DANCING IN THE GOOD ROOM. Cast includes Chris Parker. Direction by Jo Randerson.

12 - 25 February  - THE BOOK OF EVERYTHING. Cast includes Michelle Blundell, Tim Carlsen, Patrick Carroll, Rima Te Wiata, Olivia Tennet, Jennifer Ward-Lealand. Direction by Sophie Roberts.

16 June - 9 July - MEDEA. Direction by Rachel House.

8 - 24 September - BOYS WILL BE BOYS. Cast includes Jennifer Ludlam. Direction by Sophie Roberts.

10 Nov - 3 December - PERPLEX. Cast includes Nic Sampson. Direction by Sophie Roberts.

for further information visit the Silo Theatre website

WatchMe: Kiwi comedy goes online

Taken from NZ Herald.

A new video-on-demand platform will launch today, showcasing original Kiwi comedy, including Leigh Hart's cult comedy series Late Night Big Breakfast.

Commissioned by Matt Heath and Jeremy Wells, WatchMe will feature several short-form comedy series, available to view on demand, free of charge.

Each series is made up of between six to eight short-form episodes, specifically designed to cater for a digital audience.

"It's all about removing the padding," explains Heath. "When you make a commercial half hour for TV, it's 22 minutes cut roughly into three seven-minute bits, divided by ad breaks. We don't have ad breaks, so we are just making the seven-minute bits. If people want to watch 22 minutes they can watch three shows in a row."

Read the full article here.

Christmas at The Basement with Jesus Christ Part II

Taken from NZ Herald, by Dionne Christian.

In the shabby-chic surroundings of The Basement, there are often wondrous sights to behold but, given the amount of time they've spent there, you'd think theatre-makers Oliver Driver, Gareth Williams and Tom Sainsbury would have seen them all.

But sitting down to discuss plans for The Basement's annual Christmas production, they're left wide-eyed and open-mouthed - it becomes quite a silent night for a second or two - as the costumed cast of another show pad discreetly by.

A princess, a vizier, a sultan and his royal guard pass through. A spellbound Driver declares the costumes to be amazing and perhaps something they should consider for their show. Then he's waxing lyrical about how good it is to be back at The Basement, where anything can happen, especially when it comes to the yearly Christmas shindig.

This year, it's called Jesus Christ Part II and it's in the hands of Driver, who directs, Williams, who has one of the four leading roles, and Sainsbury, who is writing it. Last Christmas, Driver directed Auckland Theatre Company's much-lauded revision of Jesus Christ Superstar but popped into The Basement to appear in Hauraki Horror, a murder-mystery by Sainsbury and Chris Parker.

Read the full article here.

Auckward Love: The Web Series

When Alice is left broken hearted by her long term boy friend, her 3 best friends step in to get her back into the dating scene... whether she wants them to or not...

Auckward Love is a funny, sexy and almost romantic web series created by actress Holly Shervey, and written by actress/writer Jess Sayer and actor/director Emmett Skilton.

The episodes follow Alice (Holly Shervey) and her three unlikely best friends Vicky (Luci Hare), Grace (Jess Holly Bates), and Zoe (Jess Sayer), as they force her back on the road to find love… whether she wants them to or not.

Auckward Love shines a light on what it’s like to be a single 20-something female in today’s dating game, complete with the trials and tribulations, the fun times and hard, and of course the highs, and the ridiculously ridiculous lows.

Watch the series online here.

Auckland Theatre Awards 2015

The Auckland Theatre Awards announce their 7th Annual ceremony.

The Auckland Theatre Awards are back for another year! Get ready to laugh and be merry as we look back on the year that was in Auckland Theatre. Our recently appointed creative team of Producer, Sophie Dowson and Director, Eli Matthewson have been working hard to bring a new perspective and fresh approach to the event and proceedings this year.

Amidst all the fun we acknowledge the outstanding work of theatre makers citywide. Topping the honours will be the illustrious Excellence Awards. Having been chosen by a panel of 6 industry professionals, these awards will celebrate a range of disciplines, and be for both individuals and groups. The returning ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’, ‘Newcomer Awards’, and ‘Most Original Production’ will also be presented within this section of the evening.

The Auckland Theatre Awards are delighted to announce our esteemed hosts for the evening. Auckland theatre royalty Jennifer Ward-Lealand will MC the formal ceremony, with actress and comedian Kura Forrester hosting the remainder of the evening. Fresh from starring in TV3’s Funny Girls and touring her successful solo show Tiki Tour, Kura will no doubt have the house in fits with her hilarious antics. Forrester also joins this year’s ATA writing team along with Chris Parker, Jessica Joy Wood, Nic Sampson and Eli Matthewson.

The Auckland Theatre Awards are 100% funded by the community, for the community and would not be possible without the generous support of our key-presenting partners; Auckland Live, The Basement Theatre, Auckland Theatre Company, Silo Theatre, Q Theatre and the Auckland Arts Festival.

This year we have also received generous support from Mr. Fahrenheit Publicity, who will be sponsoring the “Mr. Fahrenheit Publicity Newcomer Awards” and Entertainment Accounting, who alongside No.1 Family Estate wines, are sponsoring bubbles on the door for our guests.

The People’s Choice Award section is supported by; Mangere Arts Centre, TAPAC, Auckland Actors, Elephant Publicity, Gail Cowan Management, Equity NZ, South Pacific Pictures, Kathryn Rawlings Management, The Actors Program, Playmarket, APRA, Sharu Loves Hats, Johnson Laird Management and The Pantograph Punch.

Staying true to form, the Auckland Theatre Awards will continue to present the Peoples Choice Awards - with Best Pash, Best Technical F#*^ Up and Best Poster being some of the hotly contested accolades. All practitioners and audience members are invited to vote via the Auckland Theatre Awards Facebook page from the Thursday 16th November.

So don’t miss out on the biggest night in the Auckland Theatre calendar! With this year’s theme of ‘High School Theatre’, haul out your old leotards, paper-mache masks and tin-foil crowns; whether you played "Tree 2" in The Wizard of Oz or "Robot Ophelia" in Hamlet in Space, it's time to get those costumes out of the bottom draw and wear them with pride. If costumes aren’t your thing – dust off your glad rags and enjoy the show!
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